Monday, July 15, 2024

Microsoft Fixes Windows 11 Taskbar Bug in Latest Update


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  • Microsoft quickly fixed a taskbar issue in the latest Windows 11 update.
  • The bug affected some users, particularly those with Windows N editions or disabled Media Features.
  • The new update, KB5040442, is now available and mandatory for all users.

Microsoft has just released a new update for Windows 11, addressing a frustrating taskbar bug that appeared last month.

This latest update, KB5040442, is a must-have for all Windows 11 users, promising to fix the issues caused by the previous optional update, KB5039302.

What Was the Issue?

Last month, users began reporting problems with the taskbar after installing a preview update (KB5039302) for Windows 11.

This bug caused the taskbar to become unresponsive, making it difficult for users to interact with their desktop environments.

Although the impact was somewhat limited, it still affected those using the Windows N edition—a version of Windows 11 without media-related functionality—or users who had disabled ‘Media Features’ in their Control Panel.

Microsoft’s Quick Fix

Fortunately, Microsoft moved swiftly to rectify the situation. The new update, released in July 2024, includes a fix for the taskbar issue.

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The update is mandatory, although users can delay it for a short period. According to the release notes, KB5040442 specifically addresses the problem where users “might not be able to view or interact with the taskbar” after installing the previous preview update.

Context and Concerns

The June preview update was optional, allowing users to avoid it if they chose. However, there were concerns that Microsoft might not resolve the bug before the preview became a full release. This concern has now been alleviated with the release of KB5040442.

This situation was somewhat unusual because the June preview update had already been paused due to another significant bug—a reboot loop that affected some devices.

Microsoft addressed the reboot loop by blocking the affected devices and then resumed the rollout. Shortly after, the taskbar issue was discovered, adding to the update’s problematic nature.

No Reboot Loop in July Update

Interestingly, the release notes for the July update do not mention the reboot loop bug, leading to the assumption that it remains blocked for any devices that might still be affected.

If users cannot see the cumulative update for July, this might be the reason. Microsoft likely would have mentioned if the reboot loop issue was also fixed, but its omission suggests it may still be a concern.

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What to Do Next?

For Windows 11 users, installing the new update is crucial. It not only fixes the taskbar issue but also includes other security and performance enhancements typical of cumulative updates.

Users should check for updates in their Windows settings and install KB5040442 to ensure their systems run smoothly.

Microsoft’s latest update for Windows 11 addresses a significant taskbar issue caused by the previous preview update. While the bug’s impact was limited, it was still a concern for some users.

The new update, KB5040442, is mandatory and promises to fix the issue, ensuring a smoother experience for all Windows 11 users. As always, it’s essential to keep your system updated to benefit from the latest fixes and improvements.

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