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Exciting New Updates Coming to Your Roku TV


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  • Roku TV has introduced “Backdrops”: Transform your screen with museum-quality artwork.
  • Smart Picture feature enhances image quality based on content, even on older models.
  • Platform updates include IMDB ratings and new Roku City additions for a refreshed experience.

Roku, the popular streaming platform, is gearing up to give your Roku TV a makeover with some awesome new updates.

These updates will not only make your TV smarter but also more visually stunning, even when you’re not streaming your favorite shows and movies.

Roku has been making waves with its sleek Pro line of TVs, featuring minimal bezels and a modern look. Now, they’re taking things a step further with some exciting changes.

First up, let’s talk about Backdrops. Forget boring screen-savers – Roku is bringing art into your living room! Similar to Samsung‘s The Frame, Backdrops will replace your usual screen-saver with high-quality works of art.

While the effect may vary depending on your TV’s display quality, Roku promises a mesmerizing experience for all users. Plus, your TV will adjust its brightness to make the artwork look even more vibrant, creating a gallery-like atmosphere in your home.

But that’s not all – Roku is also boosting the intelligence of its TVs with Roku Smart Picture. This nifty feature analyzes what you’re watching and enhances the image accordingly.

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Whether you’re watching sports or enjoying a movie in Dolby HDR10, your TV will automatically adjust to provide the best possible picture quality.

These updates aren’t just for the latest models. Even older Roku TVs will get in on the action, though newer models like the Pro series will benefit even more.

With a dedicated neural processing unit, these TVs will offer advanced features like Roku Smart Picture Max, which analyzes each scene individually to optimize the picture in real-time.

\Roku is also updating its platform with some cool new features. You’ll now see IMDB ratings right in the browse and discover section, making it easier to find great content.

Plus, there’s a new row highlighting the most-searched movies and TV shows, so you’ll always know what’s trending. And if you’re a fan of the iconic Roku City screen-saver, get ready for some fun additions like an ice cream truck and a secret agent car.

While they’re not available just yet, Roku promises to roll them out in the coming months. And if you’re buying a new Roku TV this year, you’ll get these features right out of the box.

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For older models, just keep an eye out for the software update and you’ll be enjoying a whole new TV experience in no time.

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Rohit Belakud
Rohit Belakud
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