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Microsoft Aims to Transform Windows into an AI-Driven OS with New Copilot+ PCs


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  • Microsoft has launched Copilot+ PCs with AI integration and improved Surface devices.
  • New AI features include Recall, Super Resolution, and live audio translations.
  • Enhanced developer tools and partnerships with Meta and Khan Academy were also announced.

During this year’s Build Developer Conference, Microsoft unveiled a bold vision for the future of Windows, showcasing a new range of AI-powered devices called Copilot+ PCs.

The new advancements are designed to deeply integrate generative AI into the Windows experience, making everyday tasks smarter and more intuitive.

Bringing AI to Windows

The star of the show was Copilot, Microsoft’s AI assistant, which is set to be more integrated into Windows 11.

New features like Recall will help users find apps, files, and content they’ve interacted with in the past. This AI enhancement is aimed at making navigation and productivity smoother and more efficient.

New Copilot+ PCs

Microsoft introduced Copilot+ PCs, which are built to harness the power of AI. These devices come equipped with dedicated AI chips called NPUs and a minimum of 16GB of RAM to support advanced AI functionalities.

They also promise impressive battery life, with up to 15 hours of web browsing and 20 hours of video playback.

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The first batch of Copilot+ PCs will feature Qualcomm’s Snapdragon X Elite and Plus chips, and models from Acer, Asus, Dell, HP, Lenovo, and Samsung are already available for preorder, starting at $999.

Enhanced Surface Devices

Microsoft also revealed upgrades to its Surface lineup. The new Surface Laptop, with options for a 13.8-inch or 15-inch display, offers up to 22 hours of battery life and is significantly faster than its predecessor.

It features modern design tweaks, Wi-Fi 7, and a haptic feedback touchpad.

The Surface Pro has also seen major improvements. It’s now up to 90% faster than the previous model and comes with an OLED HDR display, Wi-Fi 7, and an optional 5G version.

Additionally, its detachable keyboard has been reinforced with carbon fiber and now includes haptic feedback.

AI-Powered Features

Microsoft is introducing several new AI-powered features exclusive to the Copilot+ PCs. One notable feature is Super Resolution, which can automatically upscale and restore old photos. Another is Cocreator, an AI tool that helps users generate and modify images based on their inputs.

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Live Captions with live translations is another exciting addition. This feature can translate audio from any source on the PC into various languages, initially supporting around 40 languages.

A related feature in Microsoft Edge will provide real-time video translation for platforms like YouTube and LinkedIn.

New Developer Tools

For developers, Microsoft announced the Windows Copilot Runtime, which supports around 40 generative AI models.

This framework allows AI-powered apps to run efficiently on Windows devices without needing an internet connection. The company is also enhancing Azure AI Studio, enabling developers to create AI-driven apps with ease.

Additionally, Microsoft introduced Copilot Extensions, allowing developers to extend GitHub’s AI capabilities with third-party apps. Launch partners include DataStax, Docker, and LambdaTest, with more extensions to come.

Partnerships and New Models

Microsoft is also deepening its partnership with Meta to bring Windows Volumetric Apps to Meta Quest headsets. This integration allows developers to create immersive VR experiences that connect to local PCs and Windows 365.

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Lastly, Microsoft announced a collaboration with Khan Academy to provide free access to AI-powered educational tools and cloud computing resources, aiming to enhance AI-driven learning experiences.

With these announcements, Microsoft is positioning Windows as a leading AI-driven operating system, offering new possibilities for productivity, creativity, and immersive experiences.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What Are Copilot+ PCs?

Copilot+ PCs are Microsoft’s new AI-first Windows devices equipped with dedicated AI chips called NPUs. These PCs are designed to support advanced AI features, such as Recall and Super Resolution, and come with a minimum of 16GB of RAM and impressive battery life.

What Is The Recall Feature In Windows 11?

Recall is a new AI-powered feature in Windows 11 that helps users find apps, files, and content they’ve interacted with in the past. It creates a timeline that users can scroll through to revisit previous activities, making it easier to locate important information.

What Are The Key Features Of The New Surface Devices?

The new Surface Laptop and Surface Pro feature significant upgrades, including faster performance, extended battery life, Wi-Fi 7 support, and haptic feedback. The Surface Pro also includes an OLED HDR display and optional 5G connectivity.

How Does Live Captions With Live Translations Work?

Live Captions with live translations can translate audio from any source on a PC into the user’s chosen language in real-time. It supports around 40 languages and works with various applications, including YouTube and local audio files.

What Tools Are Available For Developers With The Windows Copilot Runtime?

The Windows Copilot Runtime includes around 40 generative AI models that allow developers to create AI-powered apps. It provides ready-to-use AI APIs for features like Live Captions, OCR, and Recall, enabling efficient AI integration without the need for constant internet connectivity.

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