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What Happened to Queen Maeve In The Boys Season 4


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  • Queen Maeve is believed dead but is actually living a normal life with her girlfriend Elena after losing her powers.
  • Her early retirement explains her absence in Season 4, but she may return in Season 5.
  • Showrunner Eric Kripke suggests Maeve’s story isn’t over, hinting at a possible comeback.

Fans of The Boys are puzzled by the absence of Queen Maeve, played by Dominique McElligott, in Season 4.

Maeve’s presence is sorely missed as the conflict with Homelander intensifies and the threat of Victoria Neuman looms. Here’s a breakdown of what happened to her and why she isn’t around in the new season.

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Maeve’s Story in Season 3

In Season 3, Queen Maeve aligns with The Boys, driven by the increasing threat Homelander poses to her and her girlfriend, Elena. This leads to a dramatic showdown in the season finale, where Maeve fights Homelander and loses an eye.

However, the real challenge comes with Soldier Boy, a powerful Supe played by Jensen Ackles, who can depower other Supes through explosive energy bursts.

During a critical moment, Maeve makes a selfless decision. She tackles him out of a window to protect everyone from Soldier Boy’s impending explosion.

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The explosion leads the world to believe Maeve has died heroically. In reality, Maeve survives, but she loses her powers and an eye.

Thanks to Ashley Barrett’s intervention, the evidence of her survival is erased, allowing Maeve to retreat from the public eye.

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Why Maeve is Absent in Season 4

Maeve’s choice to live a normal life with Elena explains her absence in Season 4. She steps away from the battles and chaos, seeking peace and anonymity.

This decision also allowed the show’s creators to avoid the trope of killing off LGBTQ+ characters and instead grant Maeve a happy ending.

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Maeve’s Potential Return

Despite her absence, Maeve’s story might not be over. Showrunner Eric Kripke has hinted that Maeve could return, especially with Season 5 being the series’ final chapter.

In interviews, Kripke suggested that the show wouldn’t end without Maeve making a comeback. He explained that Maeve’s exit was designed to be graceful, but the door remains open for her return.

Maeve’s return could coincide with Soldier Boy’s reappearance, as he, like Maeve, is not dead but in stasis. Without her powers, Maeve would be at great risk if Homelander found out she was alive.

In the original comics, Maeve meets a grim fate at the hands of Homelander, so staying hidden might be her best chance at a peaceful life.

For now, Maeve is enjoying her life away from the spotlight. Fans can hope that she will return to the series and make a significant impact before the final curtain falls on The Boys.

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