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YouTube’s Latest Move Against Ad Blockers: Server-Side Ad Injection


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  • YouTube is testing server-side ad injection, making ads indistinguishable from video content and bypassing ad blockers.
  • Some users report seeing ads despite using ad blockers, indicating early SSAI implementation.
  • Developers are working on new methods to block SSAI ads, but solutions may take time to develop.

YouTube is taking new steps to make ad blockers less effective. Over the years, the platform has tried different tactics to ensure ads are seen by users, from auto-skipping entire videos to blocking third-party apps.

Now, they’re experimenting with server-side ad injection, a technique that might make ad blockers obsolete.

What is Server-Side Ad Injection?

Server-side ad injection (SSAI) involves integrating ads directly into the video content on YouTube’s servers.

Unlike the current method, client-side ad insertion (CSAI), where ads are placed on videos through web browsers, SSAI makes ads indistinguishable from the video content itself. This means ad blockers, which usually stop CSAI ads, won’t be able to block these new ads.

According to 9To5Google, SSAI makes the advertisements appear as part of the video, rendering current ad-blocking techniques ineffective.

If YouTube implements this method widely, users may start seeing ads even if they use ad blockers like uBlock Origin.

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User Reactions and Early Reports

Some users on the YouTube subreddit have already reported encountering this new technology. Despite using ad blockers, they are still seeing ads.

One of the top comments noted that they use uBlock Origin on Firefox but are unable to stop the ads, and nothing they do seems to fix the issue.

Possible Workarounds

Although this might seem like bad news for ad blocker users, there is still hope. The developer behind SponsorBlock, a popular ad blocker for YouTube, has addressed this issue on GitHub.

They explained that if YouTube implements SSAI, the video player will need to receive data on how long the ads last. This information could potentially be used by ad blockers to stop the ads.

However, making ad blockers capable of handling SSAI will be a challenging task. It might take some time before these extensions can effectively block the new type of ads. During the experiment, SponsorBlock and other ad blockers may not work for users.

New Restrictions on YouTube

In addition to SSAI, YouTube is testing another restriction. The platform might soon require users to log into their accounts before watching content to verify they are not bots.

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According to a report by Android Authority, YouTube could limit video access for logged-out users in the future, affecting how videos are shared.

While some developers have found ways to bypass these new restrictions, YouTube could introduce even stricter measures.

The team behind the content downloader Cobalt has managed to circumvent the login requirement, but there’s no guarantee this workaround will last.

Looking Forward

YouTube’s move towards server-side ad injection and other restrictions could significantly change how users experience the platform.

Although ad blockers have been an effective tool for many users to avoid ads, these new tactics from YouTube may require new solutions.

Developers of ad blockers are working on adapting to these changes, but it could take some time. In the meantime, YouTube users might have to deal with more ads and stricter viewing restrictions.

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Stay tuned for updates as YouTube continues to experiment with these new technologies and developers find new ways to adapt.

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Rohit Belakud
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