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YouTube Kids Shutdown in Smart TVs! Are Your Kids Safe on Regular YouTube?


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  • The YouTube Kids app will shut down on smart TVs in July.
  • Parents will be required to create a YouTube Kids profile on the main app.
  • Many adults are worried about the safety of their kids on Youtube.
  • It’s highly recommended to check out Youtube’s safety features by using filters, and closely monitoring what kids are viewing.

YouTube Kids, the app made especially for kids, is being shut down on smart TVs. This means that from July, kids will have to use the main YouTube app and parents will need to set up a Youtube Kid profile. Right now, this change only affects smart TVs, but this might happen also on mobiles soon.

YouTube Kids was good because it kept kids away from regular YouTube. Even though it wasn’t perfect and sometimes bad videos slipped through, it created a safer space for kids. Now, parents might worry that regular YouTube won’t be as safe for their kids.

YouTube Kids had less content than regular YouTube, which was a good thing. It meant that the videos were checked to make sure they were safe for kids. Having a separate app also made it easier for parents to control what their kids watched.

Think of YouTube Kids as a small, shallow pool for kids. Parents still had to watch them, but it was safer. Regular YouTube is like a big pool with sharks. It’s not as safe for kids to swim in.

Now, parents will have to set up child profiles on regular YouTube for their kids. It’s like giving them safety gear before they swim with sharks.

Google probably won’t change its mind about shutting down YouTube Kids. So, parents need to do a few things. They should learn about the safety features on YouTube profiles.

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They can also use filters on their devices or get other apps to help keep their kids safe. And parents might need to watch what their kids watch more closely.

Parents should be ready to make YouTube safer for their kids after the shutdown of YouTube Kids.

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Rohit Belakud
Rohit Belakud
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