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Spotify Evolves into a Social Network with New Podcast Comments


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  • Spotify has introduced podcast comments, enhancing engagement.
  • There is potential for the expansion of comments to music artist pages
  • Spotify quietly becomes a social network, inspired by TikTok.

With Spotify’s recent introduction of comments on podcasts, the app is evolving from a music streaming service into a full-fledged social network.

This feature allows podcasters to interact directly with their listeners, enhancing engagement through interactive tools like polls and Q&As.

This shift follows Spotify’s 2023 redesign, which added a TikTok-like discovery feed, artist profiles selling merchandise and tickets, and the ability to post stories. Spotify is gradually transforming into a social network centered on audio.

Potential for Music Artist Comments

The addition of comments on podcast episodes raises the question of whether Spotify will extend this feature to music artists.

Spotify social network
Image Credits: Spotify

Such a move could be highly appealing, given that fanbases for musicians are often larger and more active than those for podcasts.

When asked about this possibility, Spotify’s VP of Podcast Product, Maya Prohovnik, hinted that it might be under consideration, emphasizing that any new feature would need to suit the specific format and creators involved.

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Learning from Competitors

Spotify’s strategy contrasts with Apple‘s past attempts to integrate social networking into its music apps. In 2010, Steve Jobs introduced Ping, a social network within iTunes, which ultimately failed.

Apple’s later attempt, Connect, also did not last. Despite these failures, Apple continues to experiment with social features, like recommending friends based on your contacts in Apple Music.

A Subtle Social Shift

Spotify, unlike Apple, has not made any bold declarations about becoming a social network. Instead, it has quietly introduced features that make the app more interactive. Last year, Spotify added video feeds to its home pages, drawing inspiration from TikTok.

Spotify CEO Daniel Ek acknowledged TikTok’s influence, stating that the company aims to learn from the market and improve user experience.

New Ways to Engage Fans

Over the past year, Spotify has introduced several features to help artists connect with fans. Spotify Clips allows artists to post 30-second videos on their profiles and album pages. Countdown Pages let artists build anticipation for new releases.

The annual Spotify Wrapped campaign includes video messages from artists. Users can follow creators and friends to stay updated on music and events, collaborate on playlists in real time, and see what others are streaming.

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Future of Spotify as a Social Network

With the new comments feature, Spotify envisions an app where users actively engage with content rather than just passively listening.

This engagement could compete with traditional social networks for users’ time and advertising revenue.

The combination of these features is transforming Spotify into more than just a music streamer, but a social hub for audio content.

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