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TikTok Takes on Amazon Prime Day with “Deals For You Days” in July


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  • TikTok Shop is set to launch “Deals For You Days” on July 9, targeting Amazon Prime Day.
  • Exclusive deals on fashion, beauty, home decor, and more, with brands like L’Oréal and Maybelline.
  • Interactive shopping with LIVE events and content challenges for engaging experiences.

TikTok is about to shake things up in the world of online shopping. The popular social media platform has announced that its TikTok Shop will be hosting a “Deals For You Days” sales event starting on July 9, right before Amazon’s big Prime Day on July 16 and 17.

This move shows TikTok’s determination to compete with the retail giant.

Amazon Prime Day has become a huge event, inspiring other retailers to create their own sales. Now, TikTok is joining the fray with its own twist.

The “Deals For You Days” will feature discounts on a variety of products, including fashion, beauty, backyard entertainment, home decor, and popular summer reads.

Big names like L’Oréal Paris, Maybelline New York, NYX Professional Makeup, Our Place, Too Faced, and Zwilling USA will be offering exclusive deals through the TikTok Shop.

A key part of TikTok’s strategy is involving brands and merchants in fun content challenges and LIVE shopping events.

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During these events, they can interact with their followers, showcase their favorite items, and offer real-time discounts on hot products. This interactive approach aims to make shopping more engaging and social.

TikTok has been focusing heavily on its e-commerce side, aiming to grow its TikTok Shop business in the U.S. to a whopping $17.5 billion this year.

By launching this sales event, TikTok is directly targeting one of the biggest shopping events in the U.S.

But it’s not just Amazon that TikTok is looking to compete with. The platform is also eyeing rivals like Temu and Shein, which have gained popularity in the U.S.

Last year, reports from Bloomberg suggested that TikTok was on track to reach around $20 billion in global sales in 2023, with most of the sales coming from Southeast Asia. Now, TikTok is determined to replicate that success in the U.S. market.

The push into e-commerce by TikTok makes sense given the expected growth in social commerce.

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According to eMarketer, social commerce sales are predicted to more than double from $67 billion in 2023 to $144.5 billion by 2027. TikTok wants a big slice of that pie.

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