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Loongson 128-Core Server CPU Set to Challenge Intel and AMD


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  • Loongson 3C6000 series will launch in Q4 2024, featuring advanced chiplet architecture.
  • The new processors promise enhanced performance with Loongson Coherent Link technology.
  • The 3C6000 series targets the server market, closing the performance gap with Intel and AMD.

Loongson, a Chinese semiconductor company, is making waves in the tech world with its upcoming 128-core server CPU.

Set to launch in the fourth quarter of 2024, the Loongson 3C6000 series aims to compete in the crowded server market, dominated by giants like Intel and AMD.

Advanced Chiplet Architecture

Loongson’s new series includes the 3C6000, 3D6000, and 3E6000 processors. The 3C6000 features a single chip with 16 cores and 32 threads, significantly boosting the performance-price ratio of Loongson’s server CPUs.

The 3D6000 combines two 3C6000 chips using Loongson Coherent Link technology, creating a 32-core, 64-thread processor.

Meanwhile, the 3E6000 integrates four 3C6000 chiplets, resulting in a powerful 64-core, 128-thread CPU. This chiplet architecture is gaining recognition as the future of microprocessors.

Enhanced Performance and Compatibility

The 3C6000’s hexa-issue LA664 processing core doubles the general processing performance compared to its predecessor, the 3C5000. It also includes DDR4-3200 4×4 RAM, significantly enhancing memory bandwidth.

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The PCIe 4.0 x64 interface boosts IO performance, while high-speed national encryption standards ensure robust security, with SM3 encryption bandwidth exceeding 20Gbps.

Loongson Coherent Link technology, similar to Nvidia’s NVLink and AMD’s Infinity Fabric, enables core cache coherent interconnects between multiple devices.

This technology ensures all resources are virtualized, allowing for dynamic allocation of devices and chips. Loongson claims its technology is compatible with mainstream hardware ecosystems and PCIe electrical standards, supporting the interconnection and upgrading of one to eight chips.

Meeting Expectations Despite Challenges

Despite US trade restrictions, which aim to keep advanced chips and chip-making equipment out of China, Loongson continues to impress with its semiconductor production.

The company recently informed investors that the first samples of the 3C6000/3D6000/3E6000 series had been successfully returned and are meeting expectations. This milestone keeps the release on track for Q4 2024.

The Road Ahead

While there’s no independent verification of the 3C6000’s performance yet, Loongson’s progress within regulatory constraints is notable.

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Leveraging its in-house MIPS-based LoongArch ISA and domestic Chinese fabrication, the company is narrowing the performance gap with industry leaders like Intel and AMD.

Although EPYC and Xeon fans may not need to worry just yet, they should keep an eye on Loongson’s developments.

Loongson’s ambitious plans for the 3C6000 series showcase the company’s determination to make a mark in the global server CPU market.

As the launch date approaches, tech enthusiasts and industry insiders alike will be watching closely to see how these new processors perform in real-world applications.

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