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Kioxia’s New 2Tb NAND Chip Could Power the World’s Largest SSDs


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  • Kioxia launches a 2Tb QLC NAND chip with high bit density and power efficiency.
  • Pure Storage plans to use this technology in its 150TB SSDs.
  • Enhanced performance for AI applications and large storage needs.

Kioxia, a leading Japanese memory manufacturer, has announced the sampling of its new 2Tb QLC NAND chips. These chips utilize Kioxia’s advanced eighth-generation BiCS FLASH 3D flash memory technology.

The new chip is designed to cater to high-capacity and high-efficiency storage needs in SSDs, servers, and various digital storage devices.

A Leap in Memory Technology

The eighth-generation BiCS FLASH technology by Kioxia not only expands the memory die vertically and laterally but also integrates CMOS directly Bonded to Array (CBA) technology.

This innovation allows for denser memory creation and interface speeds reaching up to 3.6Gbps. The result is a chip with a bit density approximately 2.3 times greater than Kioxia’s previous fifth-generation QLC device.

Additionally, the new chip boasts a 70% improvement in write power efficiency. With its 16-die stacked architecture within a single memory package, the chip can achieve a staggering 4TB capacity.

Pure Storage’s Adoption and Future Plans

Pure Storage, a key partner of Kioxia, plans to incorporate this cutting-edge technology into its products.

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Hideshi Miyajima, Chief Technology Officer at Kioxia, highlighted the chip’s potential, stating, “With its industry-leading high bit density, high-speed data transfer, and superior power efficiency, the 2Tb QLC product will offer new value for rapidly emerging AI applications and large storage applications demanding power and space savings.”

Pure Storage is known for its DirectFlash Module (DFM) storage technology, which facilitates direct communication between all-flash arrays and raw flash storage.

This approach enhances storage density, efficiency, and lifespan compared to traditional SSDs. The company has ambitious plans to release 150TB DFMs by 2025 and aims to double this to 300TB DFMs by 2026.

Integrating Kioxia’s new technology is expected to play a crucial role in achieving these targets.

Expanding the Product Line

In addition to the 2Tb QLC chip, Kioxia has introduced a new 1Tb QLC memory device. This 1Tb device offers approximately 30% faster sequential write performance and a 15% improvement in read latency compared to the 2Tb QLC. It is designed for high-performance applications, including client SSDs and mobile devices.

Charles Giancarlo, Chief Executive Officer of Pure Storage, expressed his enthusiasm for this development, saying, “We have a long-standing relationship with Kioxia and are delighted to incorporate their eighth-generation BiCS FLASH 2Tb QLC flash memory products to enhance the performance and efficiency of our all-flash storage solutions.

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Pure’s unified all-flash data storage platform can meet the demanding needs of artificial intelligence as well as the aggressive costs of backup storage.”

Implications for the Future

The launch of Kioxia’s new 2Tb QLC NAND chip marks a significant milestone in-memory technology. With its enhanced bit density, faster data transfer speeds, and improved power efficiency, it is poised to revolutionize the storage industry.

The collaboration with Pure Storage underscores the potential of this technology to meet the growing demands of AI applications and large-scale storage requirements.

As Kioxia continues to innovate, the future of digital storage looks promising, with higher capacities and better performance on the horizon.

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