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Google May Upgrade Android’s Circle to Search with Audio Input for Song Identification


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  • Google is testing an audio search function for its Circle to Search feature on Android.
  • The Pixel Tablet might receive an update to make Circle to Search more accessible via the persistent taskbar.
  • Users can try these features by enrolling in the third Android 15 beta and downloading the latest updates.

Google’s popular Circle to Search feature on Android might soon get a significant upgrade, potentially introducing an audio search function.

This update would allow users to identify songs and sounds directly from their smartphones.

Additionally, improvements are being tested for the Pixel Tablet to enhance the user experience with Circle to Search.

Audio Search Function

Recent findings from Android Authority, which delved into a beta version of the Google app, revealed code strings referencing an “Audio search button.”

The button, appearing as a circle with a music note icon, has been spotted on the user interface but currently lacks functionality.

Speculation suggests that this feature will enable the identification of sounds and music playing on the device, providing additional context for search queries.

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The button is expected to be positioned to the right of the microphone icon on the Google Search bar.

While this feature is still in development and may never be officially released, it shows Google’s interest in expanding the capabilities of Circle to Search.

If implemented, it could significantly enhance how users interact with their devices, making it easier to find information using audio cues.

Pixel Tablet Enhancements

Another potential update focuses on improving the Pixel Tablet’s interaction with Circle to Search. Currently, users can activate this feature by pressing down on the gray line in the transient taskbar.

However, the new update would allow activation by simply holding down on the action key—a three-dot icon with a magnifying glass in the persistent taskbar.

This change would provide quick access to Circle to Search regardless of the taskbar style chosen by the user, offering a more consistent experience.

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Beta Testing and User Experience

For those eager to try out these potential new features, the third Android 15 beta is available.

By enrolling their devices in Google’s Android Beta for Pixel program, users can download the latest patch and experience the updates firsthand. It’s recommended to back up important data before enrolling to avoid any loss.

This latest beta release also introduces a new feature called Private Space, allowing users to hide and lock sensitive apps, further enhancing privacy on their devices.

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