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Google Gemini AI Button Could Soon Arrive in Gmail for Android


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  • APK teardown reveals a new Gemini AI button in Gmail for Android.
  • Gemini AI can summarize emails and draft replies.
  • Feature is already available for Google Workspace users and is expected to expand to all Android users.

Google is reportedly gearing up to integrate its Gemini AI into the Gmail app for Android. Known for embedding its AI across various platforms, Google’s move to bring Gemini into Gmail is based on an APK (Android Application Package) teardown by well-known tipster AssembleDebug and Android Authority.

This teardown involves scrutinizing app code to uncover features that are not yet active for users.

What We Know So Far?

The teardown revealed a new Gemini button on the Gmail toolbar. By tapping this button, users could prompt Gemini to summarize emails or draft replies.

This feature first came to light in April, though the button wasn’t visible at that time. Now, it seems closer to becoming a reality for all Gmail users on Android.

This functionality isn’t entirely new; it’s already available to Google Workspace subscribers. Hence, its arrival for a broader audience is not unexpected but rather a welcome extension.

The Benefits of AI in Email

Gemini AI could be particularly handy for handling long emails and conversation threads. It can pick out key points, saving users time and effort.

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However, it’s important to remember that AI isn’t flawless and may never be. Summarizing emails might be less risky than creating content, as it doesn’t involve generating new information.

Still, there’s no guarantee that Gemini AI won’t miss something important due to misinterpreting the context or significance of certain words or sentences.

Limitations and Precautions

Despite the convenience of AI, users should approach it with caution. For critical emails where accuracy is paramount, relying solely on AI might not be wise.

Humans have a unique understanding of the context and nuances in communications that AI currently lacks.

While people can also make mistakes, they are generally better at understanding the intent and specifics of their correspondences compared to an AI analyzing word patterns and probabilities.

The potential addition of Gemini AI to Gmail for Android is an exciting development. It promises to enhance email management by offering quick summaries and assisting with replies.

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However, users should balance the efficiency of AI with the need for careful review, especially for important communications. As Google continues to integrate AI into its apps, it will be interesting to see how these tools evolve and improve user experience.

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Emily Parker
Emily Parker
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