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Concord Beta Early Access: What You Need to Know


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  • Concord Beta Early Access starts on July 12 for PlayStation Plus members.
  • Open Beta begins on July 18, with additional modes and maps.
  • Players get special rewards for participating in both events.

Exciting news for gamers! Concord Beta Early Access kicks off on July 12. PlayStation 5 and PC users can dive into this new game by Firewalk Studios.

This early access allows players to explore the game before its official release on August 23, 2024.

For PlayStation Plus members, the adventure begins at 10 am PDT / 7 pm CEST / 6 pm BST. If you’re on PS5, preload it starting today, July 11.

Open Beta Details

Following the Early Access weekend, the Open Beta will start on July 18 at the same time. It will run until July 21.

Again, PS5 players can pre-download the game on July 17. This is an excellent opportunity for gamers to experience Concord’s features and provide feedback before its launch.

Access and Participation

To join the Beta Early Access weekend, PlayStation Plus members need to find the download option on the game’s store.

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Moreover, anyone who pre-orders any edition of Concord will also gain access to the Early Access weekend. These players will receive four extra codes to share with friends, allowing them to play on the same platform.

Game Modes and Maps

During the Early Access, players will have access to all 16 Freegunners, the characters in Concord, which can be customized.

The Beta Early Access weekend will feature three game modes: Clash Point, Trophy Hunt, and Cargo Run.

These modes can be played on four maps: Freewater, Star Chamber, Water Hazard, and Shock Risk. When the Open Beta weekend starts, it will introduce a new mode called Area Control and a new map named Bone Mines.

Rewards and Progress

Players participating in both the Early Access and Open Beta weekends will earn rewards once the game officially launches.

These rewards include a Frog Weapon Charm, a Star Flare Icon, and a Business Card.

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However, it’s important to note that while progress will carry over between the two weekends, it will not transfer to the official game release.

PC Specifications and Features

The PC specifications for Concord have also been revealed. The game will support 4K resolution, ultrawide 21:9 aspect ratio, uncapped framerate, keyboard and mouse (KBM), and DualSense Controller support.

Additionally, custom key mapping, FSR 3, and DLSS 3.7 will be available during the Beta.


Concord Beta Early Access is a fantastic chance for gamers to get a sneak peek at this exciting new game.

With its variety of modes, customizable characters, and the opportunity to earn exclusive rewards, it’s sure to be a thrilling experience. Mark your calendars and get ready to dive into Concord starting July 12!

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