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Xbox App on Amazon Fire Sticks: Play Without a Console


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  • The Xbox app is now available on Amazon Fire Sticks.
  • Game Pass Ultimate offers cloud-supported games.
  • It’s compatible with Fire TV Stick 4K Max and 4K.

Microsoft’s Xbox TV app is now available on Amazon Fire Sticks, enabling gamers to stream their favorite Xbox titles without needing a console.

This exciting development, announced by Microsoft and Amazon last month, officially rolled out on July 8.

Now, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members can download the Xbox app on select Fire TV devices and access a vast library of cloud-supported games.

Easy Setup on Fire TV Devices

The Xbox app is compatible with the Fire TV Stick 4K Max and the Fire TV Stick 4K. Users need to download the Xbox app from the Amazon app store on their Fire TV device to get started. Once installed, simply sign in with a Microsoft account.

Members of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate will gain instant access to stream and play a wide variety of games, such as “Starfield,” “Sea of Thieves,” and “Senua’s Saga: Hellblade 2.”

How to Get Started?

Here’s a quick guide to getting started with the Xbox app on Fire TV:

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  1. Install the App: Download and launch the Xbox app from your Fire TV device.
  2. Sign In: Use your Microsoft account to sign in. If you’re an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate member, you’ll have immediate access to hundreds of cloud-enabled games.
  3. Not a Member? You can join Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for a monthly fee or play “Fortnite” without a membership.
  4. Connect a Controller: The app supports Bluetooth-enabled controllers like the Xbox Wireless Controller, Xbox Adaptive Controller, PlayStation DualSense Wireless Controller, or DualShock 4 controller.
  5. Start Playing: Dive into the extensive library of games available.

Expanding Cloud Gaming Accessibility

Ashley McKissick, Corporate Vice President of Xbox Experiences and Platforms Engineering, expressed excitement about this new addition to the Xbox family.

“Over the past several years, we have been on a journey to deliver cloud gaming to more devices and to more people around the globe.

We are excited to add Fire TV to our growing family of cloud gaming devices and eager to welcome new players into this experience,” McKissick said.

This move follows Amazon’s recent expansion of its cloud gaming platform, Amazon Luna, to three additional countries: Austria, the Netherlands, and Poland. This expansion allows more users to experience a diverse range of available games.

The Future of Cloud Gaming

The collaboration between Microsoft and Amazon highlights the growing trend of cloud gaming.

By making high-quality games accessible on devices like the Fire TV Stick, both companies are paving the way for more inclusive and versatile gaming experiences.

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This partnership reflects the industry’s shift towards eliminating the need for traditional gaming consoles, making it easier for people worldwide to enjoy their favorite games.

To Sum Up

The availability of the Xbox app on Amazon Fire Sticks is a significant step forward in the evolution of cloud gaming.

With just a Fire TV Stick and a Game Pass Ultimate membership, gamers can now enjoy a vast selection of Xbox games, no console required.

This innovation not only broadens access to gaming but also showcases the potential for future advancements in the gaming industry.

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