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Apple Introduces New Features at WWDC 2024, Replacing Many Popular Apps


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  • Apple has introduced native versions of several popular third-party apps’ features.
  • New updates include a stand-alone password manager, call recording, and window tiling.
  • Apple’s features might overshadow smaller indie apps but larger apps may survive by offering advanced functionalities.

Apple has been busy rolling out new features for its devices at this year’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2024.

Many of these updates replicate the functions of popular third-party apps, a practice known as “sherlocking.”

What Does “Sherlocked” Mean?

The term “sherlocked” originated in the late ’90s when Apple released a search tool called Sherlock for macOS 8.

This tool included features similar to those of a third-party app called Watson by Karelia Software, making Watson largely obsolete.

Since then, “sherlocking” refers to when Apple introduces a new feature that mirrors an existing third-party app, often rendering the third-party app unnecessary.

Key Features and Sherlocked Apps

1. Password Manager:

  • Sherlocked apps: 1Password, LastPass, BitWarden, Proton Pass
  • New Feature: Apple is launching a stand-alone password manager for iOS 18, iPadOS 18, macOS Sequoia, visionOS, and Windows. Previously, Apple’s password manager was hidden within the Settings app, but now it will be more accessible and compete directly with third-party apps.

2. Call Recording and Transcription:

  • Sherlocked apps: TapeACall, Truecaller
  • New Feature: Apple will add native call recording and transcription to the Phone app. Unlike existing third-party apps that required workarounds, this new feature will be integrated directly into iOS.

3. Voice Transcription:

  • Sherlocked apps: Otter, AudioPen,
  • New Feature: Apple will offer voice transcription in apps like Notes. While third-party apps provide advanced features like meeting transcription and AI-supported summaries, Apple’s built-in option will cover basic needs.

4. iPhone Mirroring on Macs:

  • Sherlocked app: Bezel
  • New Feature: Users will now be able to mirror their iPhone screens on Macs, receive notifications, and drag and drop files easily. Previously, Bezel offered this functionality, but required a physical connection via cable.

5. Window Tiling on Mac:

  • Sherlocked apps: Magnet, Rectangle
  • New Feature: macOS Sequoia will include built-in window tiling, a feature already available on Windows and Linux. While Magnet and Rectangle provided this capability on Mac, Apple’s version will now be standard, though third-party apps might still attract users with extra customization options.

6. Custom Emojis:

  • Sherlocked app: Newji
  • New Feature: Apple’s AI engine will enable users to create custom emojis with prompts, similar to what Newji offered.

7. Custom Maps:

  • Sherlocked app: Alltrails
  • New Feature: Apple Maps will allow users to explore national park trails, create custom routes, and save them offline, similar to Alltrails. However, Alltrails might still retain its community-driven edge and broader international coverage.

The Future for Sherlocked Apps

Apple faces a delicate balance between competing with Google and Microsoft and supporting its App Store’s ecosystem.

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While some third-party apps will continue to thrive by offering more specialized features, smaller indie apps might struggle to maintain their user base against Apple’s integrated solutions.

Interesting Update:

  • Apple’s new Writing Tools suite, powered by AI, brings features like tone adjustment and text reformatting, potentially impacting apps like Grammarly.
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