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The Rise of RISC-V: Framework Launches RISC-V Motherboard in Partnership with DeepComputing


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  • Framework Computer, Inc. has released the RISC-V motherboard in collaboration with DeepComputing, targeting developers and tech enthusiasts.
  • The motherboard features the JH7110 processor from StarFive, marking a significant consumer use of RISC-V technology.
  • Solid Linux support will be provided through partnerships with Canonical and the Fedora Community.

Framework, the innovative company known for its modular laptops, is making waves again.

After recently launching a new version of its Framework Laptop 13 equipped with Intel Core Ultra processors, a 9.2-megapixel webcam, and support for up to 96GB of DDR5 RAM, Framework is now venturing into new territory.

The company has just announced a partnership with DeepComputing to offer a motherboard powered by a RISC-V processor.

This new addition is aimed primarily at developers, hobbyists, and tech enthusiasts who are keen to experiment and innovate.

A New Player in the Processor Market

The centerpiece of this new motherboard is the JH7110 processor from StarFive, featuring four U74 RISC-V cores by SiFive.

This marks one of the first times RISC-V technology is being used in a consumer-focused product outside of embedded applications.

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RISC-V, an open Instruction Set Architecture (ISA), serves as a bridge between software and hardware, much like the proprietary x86 architecture used in most of today’s PCs.

However, RISC-V stands out because it allows developers to create their own processors without the hefty licensing fees associated with more established ISAs like those from Qualcomm and Arm.

A Perfect Fit for Framework

Framework’s CEO, Nirav Patel, emphasized that this development aligns perfectly with the company’s ethos of flexibility and personalization.

“This is a huge milestone both for expanding the breadth of the Framework ecosystem and for making RISC-V more accessible than ever. We designed the Framework Laptop to enable deep flexibility and personalization, and now that extends all the way to processor architecture selection,” Patel said.

Targeting Developers and Enthusiasts

While this new RISC-V motherboard is not aimed at high-performance computing, it opens up exciting possibilities for experimentation and development.

Users who choose this motherboard will still have the option of Intel and AMD processors for more performance-oriented needs.

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Framework’s move to support RISC-V could potentially reduce component costs and stimulate innovation within the community.

Solid Linux Support

To ensure a smooth user experience, Framework is collaborating with Canonical and the Fedora Community to provide robust Linux support for the new RISC-V hardware.

This collaboration aims to ensure that developers and enthusiasts have a solid foundation to build on.

Looking Ahead

Further details on the functionality, compatibility, and availability of the new RISC-V motherboard will be disclosed soon.

The motherboard will be compatible with the Framework Laptop 13 and the Cooler Master Mainboard Case.

DeepComputing is set to demo an early version of this motherboard in a Laptop 13 at the upcoming RISC-V Summit Europe.

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Framework continues to push the boundaries of what modular laptops can offer. By embracing RISC-V technology, the company is not only expanding its own ecosystem but also making a significant contribution to the broader tech landscape.

This move highlights the growing interest in alternative processor architectures and the potential for RISC-V to become a major player in the market.

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