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Apple Unveils Final Cut Pro for iPad 2 and Final Cut Camera


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  • Apple launches Final Cut Pro for iPad 2 and Final Cut Camera.
  • New features include Live Multicam and support for external projects.
  • Final Cut Pro for Mac gets AI enhancements for color correction and slow-motion effects.

Apple has just launched Final Cut Pro for iPad 2 and a brand-new app called Final Cut Camera. These announcements were made on Thursday, following their initial reveal at Apple’s iPad event in May.

Additionally, Apple has rolled out significant updates for Final Cut Pro for Mac, bringing a host of new features and improvements.

Boosted Performance with M4 Chip

Final Cut Pro for iPad 2 has been optimized to harness the power of the new M4 chip in the latest iPad Pro.

According to Apple, this results in up to 2x faster rendering and the ability to handle up to 4x more streams of ProRes RAW compared to the previous M1 chip.

This significant performance boost is expected to streamline the editing process, making it quicker and more efficient for users.

Exciting New Features: Live Multicam and Final Cut Camera

One of the standout features in Final Cut Pro for iPad 2 is the “Live Multicam” function. This innovative feature allows users to wirelessly connect and preview up to four cameras simultaneously.

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The app provides a director’s view of each camera and offers manual control over their settings through the new Final Cut Camera app.

This companion app can connect multiple iPhones or iPads, automatically transferring and syncing each Live Multicam angle.

This seamless integration makes the transition from production to editing smoother than ever.

The Final Cut Camera app is a versatile tool on its own, serving as a standalone recording app for iPhone and iPad.

It gives users the ability to manually adjust settings such as focus, shutter speed, ISO, and more.

Additional features like focus peaking and grid overlays provide greater control and precision during recording.

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External Projects and More

Final Cut Pro for iPad 2 also addresses a long-standing request from users: support for external projects.

With this update, users can now create new projects or open existing ones without consuming internal storage space.

This feature is especially useful for those working on large projects or with limited device storage.

AI-Powered Enhancements on Mac

Meanwhile, Final Cut Pro for Mac version 10.8 introduces new AI-powered features designed to simplify the editing process.

The “Enhance Light and Color” feature automatically adjusts video for optimal color correction, while the “Smooth Slo-Mo” feature blends video frames to create smoother slow-motion effects.

These updates are aimed at improving video quality and making advanced editing techniques more accessible.

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Availability and Pricing

Final Cut Pro for iPad 2 and Final Cut Pro for Mac 10.8 are now available as free updates for existing users.

New users can subscribe to Final Cut Pro for iPad 2 for $4.99 per month or $49 per year. For those interested in the Mac version, Final Cut Pro 10.8 is available on the Mac App Store for a one-time purchase of $299.99.

With these updates, Apple continues to push the boundaries of mobile and desktop video editing, offering powerful tools that cater to both amateur and professional filmmakers.

Whether you’re using an iPad or a Mac, Final Cut Pro’s latest features are sure to enhance your creative workflow.

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