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Revamped Control Center Coming to All iPhones with iOS 18


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  • The iOS 18 Control Center features a major redesign and increased customization options.
  • Users can now add, move, and resize controls directly within the Control Center.
  • Third-party app controls can be integrated, making frequently used features more accessible.

For all the buzz surrounding Apple’s new Apple Intelligence at WWDC 2024, there’s one standout feature in iOS 18 that every iPhone user can enjoy: a completely redesigned Control Center.

Unlike the exclusive Apple Intelligence feature, which requires an A17 Pro chip or newer, this update is available to all iPhones compatible with iOS 18, including models back to the iPhone 12.

Control Center Evolution

The Control Center, a fundamental tool for iPhone users, is getting a much-needed makeover.

It’s a utility hub that lets you control various features like connectivity, media playback, brightness, audio settings, Focus modes, the camera, and even the flashlight with a simple swipe down from the upper right corner of the screen.

While the Control Center has seen minor updates over the years, the iOS 18 version introduces a fresh design and significantly enhanced customization options.

Previously, users could add controls by navigating through the Settings app. Now, these changes can be made directly within the Control Center itself.

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Major Customization Upgrades

One of the most exciting new features is the ability to rearrange and resize controls. By pressing and holding the Control Center panel, users will see marquees around each element, allowing them to move controls around, remove them, or even resize them to create new pages within the Control Center.

This intuitive design makes the Control Center feel more like a personalized dashboard than ever before.

In addition to these design improvements, a new gesture system lets users flick through Control Center pages or continuously swipe to navigate through them. Adding new controls is also simplified.

Instead of going through the Settings menu, users can now add controls directly within the Control Center by holding down the screen until an “Add a Control” message appears.

This brings up a Controls Gallery and a Search box, making finding and adding the desired features easier.

Third-Party Controls and Beyond

Perhaps the most groundbreaking change is the introduction of third-party controls. Developers can now create controls for their apps, allowing users to add their favorite app features directly to the Control Center.

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Imagine having quick access to your most-used app functions with just a swipe.

Apple has also extended customization options beyond the Control Center. Users can now modify utility icons on the lock screen, such as replacing the camera and flashlight icons with alternatives like a QR code reader.

For those who prefer a minimalist look, it’s even possible to remove all icons from the lock screen.

The redesigned Control Center in iOS 18 is a major step forward in making the iPhone experience more personalized and efficient.

With these changes available to all iPhones from the iPhone 12 onwards, users can enjoy a more flexible and user-friendly interface, regardless of whether they have the latest hardware.

This update is a welcome enhancement, providing a bit of relief for those who may miss out on the exclusive Apple Intelligence features. The new Control Center truly transforms it into a versatile utility hub, making everyday tasks faster and more intuitive.

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Emily Parker
Emily Parker
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