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Nvidia and MediaTek Team Up to Challenge Qualcomm and Apple with New Arm-based Chips for Windows


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  • MediaTek is developing Arm-based CPUs for Windows, set for release in 2025.
  • Nvidia may collaborate with MediaTek to compete with Qualcomm and Apple.
  • This shift could accelerate the growth of Arm-based laptops running AI applications.

MediaTek, a renowned Taiwanese chip design firm, is reportedly working on new Arm-based CPUs aimed at the Windows market.

This move, set to unfold in 2025, could significantly boost the growth of Windows on Arm laptops, particularly those designed for advanced AI applications.

Back in 2016, Microsoft had granted Qualcomm exclusive rights to develop and produce Arm chips for Windows. However, with this deal nearing its expiration, the landscape is set for change.

According to an exclusive report from Reuters, MediaTek plans to seize this opportunity by developing its own Arm-based CPUs, which could rival Qualcomm’s Snapdragon series and Apple’s M-series chips.

MediaTek, a giant in the chip design industry with a rich history of creating system-on-chip solutions for various devices, is well-positioned for this venture.

Instead of building a new CPU architecture from scratch, MediaTek will use Arm’s ready-made designs, a strategy that can drastically reduce development time.

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As Reuters pointed out, Arm’s ready-made components have enabled companies to build functional chips in as little as nine months.

This approach will not only speed up MediaTek’s development process but also help them catch up with competitors.

Apple has seen significant success with its Arm-based chips in Mac computers, setting a high bar in the market.

MediaTek’s new venture could challenge this dominance and pose a threat to Intel’s longstanding position in the PC market.

Reuters’ report also highlights that Nvidia and AMD are developing their own Arm chips for Windows. While MediaTek’s new project is separate, there are indications that Nvidia might collaborate with MediaTek on its new product.

However, specific details about this partnership remain undisclosed.

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This new chip from MediaTek could play a crucial role in the next generation of AI-powered PCs.

However, it’s still unclear whether Microsoft has approved MediaTek’s new chip for its Copilot+ Windows program. Both MediaTek and Microsoft have declined to comment on this report.

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