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Streamlining the Galaxy S25 Series: Will Samsung Drop the Plus Model?


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  • Rumors suggest Samsung’s Galaxy S25 series might not include a Plus model.
  • The absence of the S25 Plus in the IMEI database sparks speculation.
  • Contradictory reports indicate the S25 Plus may still launch in January.

Samsung’s Galaxy S25 series is generating buzz, particularly around the potential absence of the Plus model.

This speculation arose after model numbers for the Galaxy S25 and S25 Ultra surfaced online, with no mention of the S25 Plus.

Android Headlines discovered this discrepancy while examining the IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) database, which tech companies use to track new smartphones.

What We Know So Far

Model numbers for the standard Galaxy S25 and the S25 Ultra were identified: SM-S931B/DS for the base model, and four different codes for the Ultra model, designated for various regions including the United States, South Korea, and globally.

However, there was no IMEI entry for the S25 Plus, leading to speculation that Samsung might focus on just two models in the next generation.

Possible Reasons for the Shift

Previous Plus models in Samsung’s Galaxy series have reportedly struggled to meet sales expectations. Customers seem to prefer the base model or the high-end Ultra version, often overlooking the Plus.

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Samsung has also streamlined its product lineup in the past, reducing the number of models released each year. This potential move to eliminate the S25 Plus could simplify the lineup and potentially push more consumers towards the higher-end Ultra model.

Contradicting Reports

Despite this theory, not everyone is convinced. GalaxyClub, a Dutch news site known for its reliable Samsung news, claims that Samsung will continue with a three-model lineup.

They assert that the S25 Plus, with the model number SM-S936, is internally referred to as F2, while the S25 and S25 Ultra are F1 and F3, respectively.

GalaxyClub’s strong track record gives credibility to its claim, though the absence of the S25 Plus in the IMEI database remains unexplained.

Speculations and Future Predictions

9To5Google offers another perspective, suggesting that the information for the S25 Plus might simply not have been uploaded to the IMEI database yet, given that the launch is still months away. Regardless, the absence is intriguing and warrants attention.

The upcoming Galaxy S25 series promises to be exciting, with other leaks hinting at significant design changes and larger batteries compared to the S24 models.

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As with all leaks and rumors, it’s wise to approach these reports with caution until official announcements are made.

For now, Samsung enthusiasts and tech watchers are left to speculate on the future of the S25 Plus. Will Samsung streamline its offerings, or will it stick to the three-model tradition? Only time will tell.

Stay tuned for more updates, and in the meantime, check out our roundup of the best Samsung phones for 2024.

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