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Netflix: “The Brothers Sun” Cancelled After One Season


  • Netflix has cancelled “The Brothers Sun” after one season.
  • Despite critical acclaim, the show struggled to attract a large audience.
  • Low viewership numbers led to the cancellation, despite briefly appearing in Netflix’s Top 10.

Netflix has decided to end The Brothers Sun after just one season, leaving fans disappointed.

The show, led by Michelle Yeoh, premiered on January 4 but failed to attract a large audience, leading to its cancellation.

The Brothers Sun follows the story of Eileen ‘Mama’ Sun, played by Michelle Yeoh, who moves from Taiwan to California with her youngest son Bruce, played by Sam Song Li.

When her oldest son Charles, played by Justin Chien, unexpectedly arrives, Eileen is forced to reveal a family secret: their relatives are well-known gangsters in Taiwan.

After an attempt on Charles and Bruce’s father’s life, Eileen flees to the US with Bruce to start over, but the past catches up with them.

The show’s creators, Brad Falchuk and Byron Wu, are now looking for new projects after The Brothers Sun’s cancellation.

Despite receiving critical acclaim and briefly appearing in Netflix’s Top 10 TV chart, the show struggled to attract enough viewers.

It received praise from both critics and audiences on Rotten Tomatoes but failed to maintain high viewership numbers on Netflix.

In its first three days on Netflix, The Brothers Sun only garnered 30.2 million hours of viewing time, ranking fifth on the platform’s most-watched TV chart.

Although it gained some momentum in the second week with 50.5 million hours streamed, its viewership declined in the following weeks. In total, the show accumulated 126.1 million hours of viewing time from Netflix’s 260 million subscribers.

Compared to other successful Netflix Originals, which often surpass 500 million hours of viewing in their first month, The Brothers Sun fell short.

With only 12.4 million subscribers completing the series, it wasn’t financially viable for Netflix to renew it for another season.

Despite being one of Netflix‘s initial hits of 2024, The Brothers Sun will not return for another season.

The Brothers Sun didn’t attract enough viewers to justify its continuation, leading to its cancellation after one season. Even after getting positive reviews, the show struggled to maintain high viewership numbers on Netflix, ultimately leading to its demise.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the Story of The Brothers Sun?

“The Brothers Sun” follows the journey of Eileen ‘Mama’ Sun, who relocates from Taiwan to California with her sons Bruce and Charles. When Charles unexpectedly reappears, Eileen is compelled to unveil a family secret: their ties to a notorious gangster lineage in Taiwan.

Is The Brothers Sun Worth Watching?

While “The Brothers Sun” received critical acclaim and positive reviews, its cancellation after one season suggests it may not be everyone’s cup of tea. However, if you enjoy action-packed dramas with familial twists and stellar performances, it might be worth giving it a try.

Is The Brothers Sun OK for Kids?

Due to its themes of violence, crime, and family secrets, “The Brothers Sun” may not be suitable for younger audiences. It is recommended for mature viewers who can handle the content appropriately.

Is The Brothers Sun a Limited Series?

Yes, “The Brothers Sun” is a limited series, consisting of only one season. It was cancelled by Netflix after its initial run.

Who is the Villain in Brothers Sun?

The villainous characters in “The Brothers Sun” primarily stem from the underworld connections and criminal activities associated with the Sun family’s past in Taiwan.

What Happens at the End of Brother Sun?

In the final moments of the finale, Bruce takes decisive action by shooting Big Sun, leading to his hospitalization.

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