Monday, April 15, 2024

Itron’s New Image: Creating the Way to a Greener Tomorrow


  • Itron, a major player in utilities and smart cities, has launched a new brand identity focused on resourceful energy and water management.
  • The updated branding features a modern logo symbolizing Itron’s commitment to industry leadership and sustainability.
  • Through its expanded offerings, Itron aims to enhance grid visibility, reduce water waste, and support sustainable growth in communities.

Itron, a big name in utilities and smart cities, has just launched a fresh brand image. They’re all about making the world better by using smart tech to manage energy and water smarter.

The big news came out today, showing off the company’s growth and its focus on solutions that save resources, are eco-friendly, and keep us all connected.

The new look includes a cooler logo with a stronger font. The ‘O’ in Itron’s name now has a bright beam of light coming out of it. It’s like a symbol of their leadership and their vision for the future of their industry.

This new style shows how serious Itron is about tackling issues like energy and water shortages, increasing demand, and switching to cleaner energy.

Tom Deitrich, Itron’s boss, thinks the new brand is a big deal. He says it respects the company’s past while showing who they are now. He’s proud that the new look shows they’re leaders and that they’re committed to solving their customers’ problems.

Itron is famous for its fancy tech solutions, especially in the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). They’ve got one of the biggest networks of connected stuff in their industry. Their tech helps make the power grid smarter, makes it easier to use renewable energy, and changes how we deal with big grid problems.

This new look for Itron shows they’re growing and getting better in lots of areas: electricity, water, smart cities, gas, and eco-friendliness. They want to make the grid easier to see and control, stop wasting water, help cities grow sustainably, make sure gas pipes are safe, and reduce pollution.

You can see Itron’s new look at the DISTRIBUTECH International event from February 27 to 29, 2024. They’ll be there showing off their vision for the future.

This change for Itron is all about showing they’re making things better. They’re all about making sure the stuff they make is safe and works well. And if you want to know more about their new look, they’ve got videos and info you can check out on their website.

Rohit Belakud
Rohit Belakud
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