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How Guided Energy’s Game-Changing Tool Can Save You $10,000 Per Electric Vehicle!


  • Guided Energy offers a software tool to help manage fleets of electric vehicles, addressing the challenges of charging time and availability.
  • The company, led by CEO Anant Kapoor and CTO Eric Daoud, leverages machine learning to optimize charging schedules and locations based on vehicle data and charging point availability.
  • By considering factors like charging prices, time required for charging, and distance to destination, Guided Energy aims to save up to $10,000 per electric vehicle, offering a subscription fee of around €30 up to €40 per vehicle per month.

If you’re in charge of a bunch of cars for a rental agency or a delivery company, you’ve got a lot on your plate. Now, Imagine you’re making the big move to electric vehicles (EVs). Sounds great, right? But it’s not all smooth sailing. Charging these EVs takes a lot longer than just filling up a tank with gas, and finding places to charge them can be a real headache.

Making The Life of EV Customers Easier 

Image Credits – Guided Energy

Enter Guided Energy, a cool new company from France. They’ve got this nifty software tool that’s designed to make your life easier if you’ve got a fleet of EVs to manage. Basically, they gather data from your vehicles and all the charging points out there, and then they use fancy tech stuff (machine learning, to be exact) to tell you when and where you should charge your cars.

Providing Excellent Services 

Providing Excellent Services- Guided Energy is Saving Customers Money

Image Credits – Guided Energy

The incredible team behind Guided Energy is exceptionally skilled and qualified. Anant Kapoor, the CEO, used to work on software that helps companies keep track of their vehicles and cut down on pollution. Eric Daoud, the CTO, is a bit of a brainiac—he’s got a PhD in machine learning. Together, they’re the brains behind Guided Energy. The company has recently raised $5.2 millions from Sequoia Capital and Dynamo Ventures.

Guided Energy aggregates data from vehicles, public and private charging points. The company leverages machine learning to help customers know when and where they are supposed to charge their electric vehicles.

Solving Charging Issues

Image Credits – Guided Energy

One big problem with EVs is that charging them can be a real pain. Sometimes, all the charging stations are full, and there’s no space to add more. Some people end up charging their cars at home, but it’s slow and might not be the cheapest option. Plus, there’s the issue of figuring out how far away the charging point is from where your car needs to be.

Guided Energy thinks they can save you a ton of money—up to $10,000 per electric vehicle! They do this by considering things like charging prices, how long it’ll take to charge your car, and where it needs to go next. They charge a fee of around €30 up to €40 per vehicle each month for their services.

So, if you’re feeling overwhelmed by the switch to electric vehicles, don’t worry—Guided Energy has got your back. With their clever software and team of experts, they’ll help you understand the world of EVs and save you a ton of money along the way. Plus, with more and more customers signing up every day, it looks like they’re onto something big.

Rohit Belakud
Rohit Belakud
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