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Netflix Price Hike in 2024: Analysts Predict Increase Due to Shifting Entertainment Trends


  • Analysts are anticipating a potential price increase for Netflix in 2024.
  • The cited reasons include the evolving entertainment landscape and a surge in viewership.
  • While such a move could be advantageous for Netflix, there is also a risk of subscriber loss.

Get ready for a possible price increase on Netflix! Some analysts think it might happen because of changes in how people watch TV and movies.

These analysts work for a company called UBS Securities from Switzerland. They say Netflix might raise its prices because more people are watching it, and other companies are also making their own streaming services.

These days, companies want to have the best stuff on their platforms, so they’re trying to get more shows and movies. This might mean they’ll spend less on making new things and focus more on buying stuff from other places.

Netflix has a lot of popular shows and movies, and now they even have video games. So, if they raise prices, they might make a lot more money. They might even make 15% more!

But don’t worry just yet. Only one group of analysts thinks this will happen, and Netflix hasn’t said anything about it.

However, there are some signs that it might be true. In a call last year, one of Netflix’s bosses talked about how they might start raising prices again.

Still, it’s a risky move. If Netflix raises prices too much, people might stop using it. But last time they raised prices, not as many people left as they thought would. In fact, Netflix gained a lot of new users last year.

So, is Netflix being too confident? Maybe, but maybe not. They’ve done well with their recent changes, like making people pay for sharing accounts and adding ads. Analysts think Netflix will keep making more money until at least 2027.

But we’ll have to wait and see. It’s all just guessing for now…

Rohit Belakud
Rohit Belakud
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