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Peacock Likely to Increase Monthly and Annual Plan Prices Again


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  • Peacock reportedly plans to increase monthly and annual plan prices, marking the second hike in less than a year.
  • Speculation surrounds the timing, with the upcoming Paris 2024 Summer Olympics possibly influencing the decision.
  • Enhanced content, including exclusive rights to events like Oppenheimer and innovative features, may justify the price increase.

Peacock, the popular streaming platform, is reportedly planning to raise its prices for both monthly and annual plans, marking the second increase in less than a year.

According to sources, the monthly Premium plan, which includes ads, will see a $2 rise to $7.99 per month, making it pricier than Netflix’s Standard plan with ads.

Additionally, the Premium Plus plan, which offers mostly ad-free content, is expected to increase to $13.99 per month.

For annual subscribers, the Premium plan will go up to $79.99 per year, while the Premium Plus plan will jump to $139.99 per year.

These price adjustments are set to take effect at different times depending on whether customers are new or existing subscribers.

New customers will experience the price hike starting July 18, while existing subscribers will see the increase on or after August 17, depending on their next billing date.

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Many are speculating about the reasons behind these price changes, with some pointing to the upcoming Paris 2024 Summer Olympics.

NBCUniversal, the parent company of Peacock, secured the rights to broadcast the Olympics in the United States, and coverage will likely extend to Peacock TV and other NBCUniversal channels.

This influx of premium content, including exclusive streaming rights to events like Oppenheimer and innovative features such as Multiview and Live Actions, may justify the price increase.

Multiview allows users to watch up to four different Olympic sports simultaneously, while Live Actions enables viewers to continue watching an event without interruption.

Additionally, NBCUniversal’s partnership with Roku to introduce the NBC Olympic Zone for Roku TV and devices promises enhanced viewing experiences for the summer games.

Despite these speculations, NBCUniversal has yet to make an official announcement regarding the price adjustments.

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The timing of the rumors, however, aligns closely with the upcoming Olympics, leading many to believe that the event could be a driving factor behind the price increase.

Amid these developments, consumers may wonder whether the added cost is justified by the content and features offered by Peacock.

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Emily Parker
Emily Parker
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