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Fallout 5: What’s Brewing in the Post-Apocalyptic Cauldron?


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  • Fallout 5’s setting likely remains in the US, with New Orleans as a rumored location.
  • Bethesda confirms it’s the next major project after Elder Scrolls 6.
  • The early groundwork was laid, but the release date and details are still uncertain.

Fallout 5, the next big installment in the beloved post-apocalyptic RPG series, is still shrouded in mystery.

While we’re eagerly awaiting its arrival, there’s much speculation and a few tantalizing details to keep us going. Let’s explore what we know so far about this highly anticipated game.

Where Will the Story Begin?

Every Fallout game has been a journey through a nuclear-devastated America, and it seems Fallout 5 will continue this tradition.

From the iconic landscapes of Washington to the urban sprawl of Boston, the series has always thrived in its American setting.

Todd Howard, the creative genius behind Bethesda’s games, recently emphasized the importance of this setting, hinting that Fallout 5 will likely stay within the borders of the US.

But don’t count out the possibility of exploring new territories. Modders have been crafting their own visions of Fallout in different locales, sparking discussions about potential settings.

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One intriguing possibility is New Orleans, teased by a trademark application for ‘Fallout New Orleans’ back in 2016. Imagine navigating the bayous and streets of this vibrant city in a post-apocalyptic world!

Latest News:

While Fallout 5 remains a distant prospect, there are tidbits of information to keep us hopeful and curious.

  1. Todd Howard Keeps Mum: Todd Howard, the maestro behind Bethesda’s games, has been tight-lipped about Fallout 5’s release date. In an interview with IGN, he revealed that the team is currently focused on Elder Scrolls 6. However, he reassured fans that they’re making plans for the future, which undoubtedly includes the next installment of the Fallout saga.
  2. The Fallout TV Show: Excitement soared when Jonathan Nolan, the director of the upcoming Fallout TV series, likened it to “almost like Fallout 5.” While it’s not the game we’re waiting for, this statement hints at the immersive experience awaiting fans in the TV adaptation.
  3. Coming After Elder Scrolls 6: Todd Howard confirmed that Fallout 5 will be Bethesda’s next major project after Elder Scrolls 6. With both games in the pipeline, it’s clear that Bethesda’s plate is full for the foreseeable future.
  4. Early Blueprint: Bethesda has begun laying the groundwork for Fallout 5, albeit in its early stages. Todd Howard mentioned a “one-pager” design document outlining the game’s basic ideas. While there’s not much to go on, it’s a reassuring sign that progress is underway, even if it’s slow.
  5. Possible Obsidian Collaboration: Fans of Fallout: New Vegas, developed by Obsidian Entertainment, may wonder if the studio will be involved in Fallout 5. Howard hinted at the possibility but remained non-committal. For now, Bethesda’s focus is on Starfield and Elder Scrolls 6.

What Lies Beyond the Horizon?

As we eagerly await more news on Fallout 5, it’s clear that Bethesda has its hands full with ongoing projects.

While the release may be far off, the promise of exploring new wastelands and uncovering fresh stories keeps the flame of anticipation burning bright. So, get ready, wasteland wanderers, because the journey is just getting started.

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