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How to Fix Power Armor in Fallout 4


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  • In Fallout 4, Power Armor can degrade over time, as indicated by red indicators on the HUD.
  • Repairing Power Armor requires finding or building a Power Armor station.
  • To repair Power Armor, approach the station, select ‘Craft,’ highlight the damaged pieces, and confirm the repair with the required materials.

Power Armor stands tall as one of the most iconic features of Fallout 4. Not only does it provide incredible protection, but it also adds an undeniable cool factor to your wasteland adventures.

However, like anything in the harsh world of Fallout, your Power Armor can take a beating and needs some TLC to keep it in top shape. Here’s how to keep your Power Armor ready for action.

What Is Power Armor Damage?

Just like regular armor, Power Armor can degrade over time. When pieces start to wear down, they’ll appear in red on your HUD diagram.

Ignoring these warning signs can lead to your armor breaking down completely, leaving you vulnerable in the wasteland.

How To Find a Power Armor Station?

Repairing Power Armor requires a specialized workstation. These stations are easy to spot with their distinctive appearance: two yellow posts resembling cranes, supporting two long platforms.

You can often find these stations in gas stations like Red Rocket, industrial locations such as factories, and military bases.

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How to Repair Power Armor?

When you approach a Power Armor station while wearing your armor, avoid exiting the armor too close to the station.

Instead, step out a short distance away before approaching the station. Interact with the station and select the ‘Craft’ option.

Your Power Armor will then teleport onto the station, allowing you to repair and modify it. In the crafting menu, highlight each piece of armor to check its health status.

Look for a small dot indicating that it’s equipped and examine the health stat in the information box.

If a piece needs repair, simply select it and confirm the repair with the required materials, typically starting with steel.

Where to Find Power Armor Stations?

While you can stumble upon Power Armor stations in the wild, it’s wise to build your own at settlements and camps.

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To do this, you’ll need the Lvl. 2 Local Leader perk and the Lvl. 1 Armorer perk.

Gas stations, industrial locations, and military bases are prime spots to locate Power Armor stations if you’re in a pinch.

Keep an eye out for the distinctive rocket symbol on your compass at gas stations, and remember that places, where manufacturing or military activities occur, are likely to have stations.

Maintaining your Power Armor is essential for survival in Fallout 4’s unforgiving wasteland. By understanding how to repair and locate Power Armor stations, you can ensure that your armor remains in peak condition, providing you with the protection you need to face the dangers of the Commonwealth.

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