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Facebook and Instagram Down: What Happened and Why


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  • Facebook and Instagram went down on March 5, causing panic among users.
  • Around half a million users reported issues, but it wasn’t a hack, just a glitch.
  • Experts believe the problem stemmed from a backend service issue, but things started getting back to normal later in the day.

Facebook and Instagram went down yesterday, and people freaked out!

Imagine trying to check your Instagram feed or update your Facebook status, and Ooops! Nothing’s working.

That’s what happened to me too. Yesterday, I tried logging into Facebook on my laptop, and it asked me to log in again. And my Instagram app on my phone? It just kept saying it couldn’t load anything.

Lots of people were having the same problem. Like, around half a million folks reported it!

Some people were worried that maybe hackers got into Facebook and Instagram. But experts say that’s probably not it.

They think it was just a glitch, which is like when something messes up in the system. But they can’t say for sure. Meta, the company that owns Facebook, said they were working on fixing it.

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What exactly caused the mess?

Experts think it had something to do with a backend service, whatever that means. The part of Facebook and Instagram that checks if it’s you when you log in was acting up.

But by late morning, things started getting back to normal. Still, some people are saying they’re still having trouble logging in, so maybe it’s not fixed yet.

Now, when you finally get back on Facebook and Instagram, you might have to log in again. And that’s a good time to make sure your accounts are super safe.

You can use a password manager like 1Password or Bitwarden to keep your passwords safe. Plus, you should turn on two-factor authentication for some extra security.

So, yeah, it was a rough day for Facebook and Instagram users. But, at least Twitter was still up and running.

Elon Musk even made a joke about it, saying if you’re reading his tweet, it’s because Twitter’s servers are working. Classic Elon!

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Rohit Belakud
Rohit Belakud
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