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Massive Cyberattack Shuts Down AnyDesk – Are Your Devices at Risk?


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  • AnyDesk, a popular remote desktop software, experienced a cyberattack, causing a week-long shutdown.
  • Hackers gained access to AnyDesk’s production systems, prompting security measures and password resets.
  • Despite concerns, AnyDesk assures users it’s safe to use the software after implementing necessary fixes.

AnyDesk, a software that helps IT professionals fix computer issues from afar, got hit by hackers recently. The hackers broke into the company’s systems, causing a big problem that lasted almost a week.

Lots of IT folks use AnyDesk to connect to their clients’ computers quickly and remotely. Big companies like Comcast, LG, Samsung, and Thales are among the 170,000 customers listed on AnyDesk’s website.

But here’s the catch: hackers love AnyDesk too. They use it to sneak into computers and mess things up or hold them for ransom. Even the U.S. cybersecurity agency warned about hackers using legit remote desktop software, like AnyDesk, to hack into government agencies.

The trouble started when AnyDesk said they had to change some security stuff on Monday. Then, they went offline for a few days. Finally, on Friday, they admitted they had a serious problem. Hackers had gotten into their main systems.

AnyDesk had to act fast. They canceled all their security certificates and fixed or replaced any messed-up systems. They also reset all the passwords for their customer portal.

Don’t worry, though. AnyDesk says they’re on top of it. They’re getting new security certificates and making sure everything’s safe. They want everyone to update to the latest version of their software, with the new security stuff.

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But AnyDesk is in hot water for how they handled the whole mess. At first, they tried to play it off like it was just regular maintenance. Then, they dropped the bomb about the cyberattack right before the weekend. Some folks are calling them out for trying to downplay the situation.

And it gets worse. Hackers are selling access to AnyDesk accounts on the dark web. But don’t panic too much. Most of those accounts probably got hacked because of malware on people’s computers, not because of this AnyDesk mess specifically.

So, in short, AnyDesk got hacked, but they’re fixing it. Just make sure to update your AnyDesk software to stay safe.

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Rohit Belakud
Rohit Belakud
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