Monday, July 15, 2024

Microsoft’s Future Windows Update Strategy: Windows 11 Continuation Over Windows 12?


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  • Microsoft may not release Windows 12, leaning towards sticking with Windows 11.
  • The upcoming version, codenamed Hudson Valley, will prioritize AI and could launch in late 2024.
  • Changes to updates include fewer small updates and a return to big annual feature updates.

The next version of Windows might not be called Windows 12 after all. There’s a rumor going around that Microsoft is considering sticking with Windows 11 and making some big changes to how they update it.

According to Zac Bowden from Windows Central, who’s known for leaking Microsoft news, the next version of Windows, codenamed Hudson Valley, is going to focus a lot on AI (Artificial Intelligence). It’s supposed to come out around September or October 2024, but Microsoft hasn’t decided on the final name yet.

Some people inside Microsoft aren’t sure if they should call it Windows 12 because they’re worried about splitting up their users even more. Right now, some people are on Windows 11, some are still on Windows 10, and if they release Windows 12, it might make things even more confusing.

Microsoft is also thinking about changing how they do updates. Instead of lots of small updates throughout the year, they might go back to doing one big update every year. They’ll still have some small updates here and there, but not as many as before.

If Microsoft decides to go with Windows 12, it could cause more problems. People would have to decide whether to switch to the new version or stick with what they have. And there are still a lot of people using Windows 10 who might not be able to upgrade because their computers are too old.

It might make more sense for Microsoft to just stick with Windows 11 and keep improving it. There’s even a leak suggesting that the next big update for Windows 11 will be called 24H2, which is probably what they’ll call Hudson Valley if they decide to stick with Windows 11.

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So, even though Windows 12 might still happen, it’s starting to seem less likely. Microsoft is probably going to focus on making Windows 11 better instead of making a whole new version.

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Rohit Belakud
Rohit Belakud
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