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Who Is Anaïs Parello? 5 Unknown Facts to Know About Under Paris Actress


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  • Anaïs Parello stars as Jade in Netflix’s shark movie, Under Paris.
  • She is multilingual, trained in Paris, and has a strong background in theater and voice acting.
  • Parello has directed films and won multiple Best Actress awards.

Anaïs Parello, the 33-year-old French actress, has become a hot topic online thanks to her performance in Netflix’s latest hit, Under Paris.

This thrilling shark movie features Parello in a key supporting role, captivating audiences worldwide.

#1 A Grieving Scientist in a Shark Encounter

In Under Paris, Parello plays Jade, a dedicated researcher. The film follows a grieving scientist who must confront her past after a shocking shark encounter in the Seine.

Parello’s character is crucial in helping the main characters understand the dire threat they face from the shark. Her warnings, unfortunately, are only heeded when it’s too late, adding to the film’s tension and drama.

#2 Parisian Roots and Training

Anaïs Parello hails from Metz, France, but she honed her acting skills in Paris. She began her journey with improv classes taught by Alex Graci, the creator of D’Clic Theatre Action.

She then co-founded a theatrical company, running it for a decade. Parello furthered her training at Cours Florent, where she studied musicals and acting in English.

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Before this, she attended a literary preparatory school and earned a Spanish degree from La Sorbonne.

#3 Voice Acting in Farming Simulator

Beyond film and TV, Parello has made her mark in the voiceover world. She voiced Sophia in the popular Farming Simulator series, appearing in both the 2021 and 2023 editions.

This game lets players experience life as a modern farmer, managing diverse environments and agricultural tasks. Parello’s other significant roles include characters in Vortex, Parlement, and Ici tout commence.

#4 A Linguistic Talent

One of Parello’s standout qualities is her ability to speak four languages fluently: French, English, Spanish, and Italian. This linguistic talent allows her to take on diverse roles in various languages, showcasing her versatility.

Her skills aren’t limited to acting and languages; Parello is also passionate about yoga and has a strong background in dance, including ballet, jazz, and Reggaeton/Perreo.

#5 Behind the Camera

Parello’s talents extend behind the camera as well. In 2017, she directed and wrote a short French film called The Dreamer (Rêveuse).

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She also co-wrote another project titled Souris, directed by Joan Borderie and co-written by Ivan Cori. These experiences highlight her multifaceted abilities in the film industry.

#6 Accolades and Awards

Anaïs Parello’s acting prowess has earned her several awards. She has won Best Actress five times, with her most recent win in 2023.

Her role in the 2020 short film Hannya garnered significant recognition, winning Best Actress at the Varese International Film Festival and the Rome Prisma Independent Film Awards.

She also won the Jury Prize for Best Ensemble at the 2022 Four Points Film Project and the Annual Award for Best Actress at the 2023 Madrid Indie Film Festival (MADRIFF) for La Croix.

Additionally, Parello received the Audience Choice Award for Best Actress at the 2023 Carpentras Fait son Cinéma for Le Marchand de Souvenirs.

Follow Anaïs Parello Online

For fans eager to keep up with Anaïs Parello, she is active on social media. You can follow her on X (formerly Twitter) at @anaisparello and on Instagram at @anaisparello, where she shares updates on her latest projects and personal insights.

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Anaïs Parello’s journey from a Parisian theater student to a celebrated actress and director is inspiring. Her role in Under Paris is just the latest chapter in a career marked by versatility and talent.

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