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Netflix Partners with NFL to Bring Live Football to Christmas Day Lineup


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  • Netflix and the NFL are collaborating for live football games on Christmas Day from 2024 to 2026.
  • Two matchups are scheduled each year, allowing viewers to enjoy top-tier football action.
  • Netflix’s expansion into live sports underscores its commitment to diverse and engaging content offerings.

Netflix and the National Football League (NFL) have joined forces in an exciting partnership, announcing plans to air live football games on Christmas Day for the next three years – 2024, 2025, and 2026.

This collaboration marks a significant move for both entertainment giants, aiming to captivate audiences with two thrilling matchups on the festive holiday.

On December 25th, viewers can anticipate a double-header featuring the Kansas City Chiefs taking on the Pittsburgh Steelers, followed by the Baltimore Ravens facing off against the Houston Texans.

The games will be staggered, allowing fans the opportunity to enjoy both showdowns. The Chiefs/Steelers game is scheduled to kick off at 1 p.m. EST, with the Ravens/Texans game commencing at 4:30 p.m. EST.

While the current agreement outlines broadcasts for the next three years, Netflix hints at the possibility of expanding its live football offerings in the future.

The terms of the partnership remain flexible, indicating the potential for additional games based on viewer interest and feedback.

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In a recent report, it was revealed that Netflix executives were exploring avenues to attract large viewership simultaneously.

A Christmas Day football extravaganza emerged as the perfect opportunity, considering the sport’s widespread appeal and status as a top-rated live TV event in the United States each year.

In securing the partnership, Netflix reportedly made a substantial investment, with sources disclosing a payment of nearly $150 million per game to the NFL.

This significant financial commitment underscores Netflix’s determination to explore new content avenues and solidify its position as a premier entertainment destination.

Netflix’s foray into live sports follows a period of experimentation with various content formats aimed at diversifying its offerings and attracting a broader audience.

In late 2023, the platform ventured into live sports broadcasting with the Netflix Cup, a golf tournament featuring Formula 1 drivers competing against professional PGA players.

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Despite mixed results, this endeavor demonstrated Netflix’s willingness to explore innovative content formats.

Subsequent successes, such as the Netflix Slam tennis matches, further validated the platform’s ability to engage audiences beyond traditional entertainment mediums.

Looking ahead, Netflix is poised to introduce WWE’s Raw wrestling content, slated for release in the coming year, expanding its live sports portfolio.

However, these ambitious content initiatives coincide with Netflix’s recent price increases, prompting speculation about the platform’s ability to retain and attract subscribers amidst growing competition.

Despite the challenges, Netflix remains committed to offering diverse and compelling content experiences, underscoring its ongoing evolution as a leading entertainment provider.

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