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Canva Unveils True Enterprise Product, Catering to Large Organizations


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  • Canva’s new enterprise version offers features like single sign-on, enhanced security, and centralized brand management.
  • The product addresses design needs across multiple departments and integrates AI tools to prevent “AI tool creep.”
  • Priced at $300 per seat annually, Canva aims to empower large organizations with a unified design platform.

Canva, the popular design tool, has officially launched a new enterprise version designed to meet the needs of larger organizations.

This marks a significant shift from their 2019 attempt at an enterprise product, which was more suited for smaller teams.

The new release promises features essential for big businesses, including single sign-on, enhanced security, and advanced user management tools, as well as centralized brand management and dedicated support.

Cam Adams, Canva’s co-founder and Chief Product Officer, explained that their initial enterprise product was aimed at small teams of 5 to 100 users.

However, over the years, they observed a growing number of larger organizations adopting Canva, which necessitated a more robust solution tailored to these bigger entities.

“We now support cohorts of up to 5,000 users within enterprises,” Adams told TechCrunch. “This demand for a more comprehensive enterprise product led to the development of the new Canva Enterprise.”

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The new enterprise version addresses three key challenges identified by Canva:

  1. Cross-Departmental Design Needs: Design responsibilities now span multiple departments and industries, necessitating a unified platform that can cater to diverse design needs across an organization.
  2. AI Tool Integration: With the rise of AI tools, many CIOs are concerned about the proliferation of disparate AI applications, referred to as “AI tool creep.” Canva’s enterprise solution aims to consolidate these tools within a single platform.
  3. Workflow Management: As design processes become more complex and involve various departments, there is a need for a tool that can streamline workflow management and ensure seamless collaboration.

Adams emphasized that the company is shifting its focus from empowering individual users to empowering entire organizations.

“We are thinking about the next decade of Canva as a time to bring all these fragmented tools and processes together into one cohesive platform,” he said.

The previous version of Canva’s enterprise product is now rebranded as a proper teams product, priced at $100 per seat per year with a minimum requirement of three users.

In contrast, the new enterprise version starts at $300 per seat per year, with volume-based discounts available for larger groups.

Canva, an Australian company founded in 2012, has grown significantly over the years. It has raised over $560 million in funding and achieved a staggering valuation of $26 billion.

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The platform boasts over 180 million monthly users worldwide, reflecting its widespread popularity and adoption.

This new enterprise launch is a testament to Canva’s commitment to evolving and meeting the needs of its diverse user base.

By addressing the specific challenges faced by large organizations, Canva aims to solidify its position as a leading design tool not just for individuals and small teams, but for enterprises as well.

With this release, Canva is set to empower organizations of all sizes, offering a comprehensive design solution that integrates advanced security, user management, and AI tools within a single platform.

This move underscores Canva’s dedication to innovation and its vision for the future, where design is an integral part of every organization’s workflow.

As Canva continues to expand its offerings, it remains focused on providing value to its users, ensuring that both individuals and large enterprises can harness the power of design to achieve their goals.

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