Monday, July 15, 2024

Power of AI: Introducing Tenstorrent’s Grayskull Chip


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  • Tenstorrent, led by chip architect Jim Keller, releases Grayskull, a new RISC-V chip for AI tasks.
  • Grayskull DevKits, including e75 and e150 versions, are now available for AI development.
  • Grayskull aims to revolutionize AI performance with its advanced capabilities and ease of programming.

Tenstorrent, a company led by the famous chip designer Jim Keller, who created AMD’s Zen architecture and Tesla’s original self-driving chip, has launched its first-ever hardware called Grayskull.

Grayskull is a special kind of computer chip that’s different from the usual ones you might know about, like GPUs.

It’s designed to make it easier for people to program computers and make them work faster, especially when it comes to things like artificial intelligence, which helps computers do smart things like recognize speech or understand what’s in a picture.

Grayskull isn’t just any chip; it’s based on something called RISC-V, which is a new kind of technology that makes chips smarter and more efficient.

Grayskull is good at doing things like figuring out what to do next in a computer program, even when it’s dealing with lots of different possibilities.

This makes it great for AI tasks because AI often involves making decisions based on lots of different information.

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To help people get started using Grayskull, Tenstorrent has released special kits called DevKits. These kits come in two versions: the Grayskull e75 and the Grayskull e150.

The e75 is like a smaller, less powerful version, while the e150 is bigger and more powerful.

Both are meant for doing AI tasks, and they come with special software to help people use them.

Tenstorrent is also teaming up with a technology center in Japan to make even more advanced AI hardware.

They’re planning to use Grayskull technology to build a special kind of computer chip that’s super tiny and super powerful, which could help make AI even better in the future.

The Grayskull DevKits can do all sorts of AI tasks, like understanding languages, recognizing objects in pictures, and even translating speech.

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They’re available for purchase now, and they’re priced at $599 for the e75 and $799 for the e150.

So, thanks to Tenstorrent and their amazing new chip called Grayskull, the future of AI is looking brighter than ever. Who knows what amazing things computers will be able to do next?

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Rohit Belakud
Rohit Belakud
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