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Nvidia’s Budget AI GPU Debuts in China, Competing Against Its Predecessors and Huawei’s Secret Weapon!


  • Nvidia has to overcome trade sanctions restricting its top GPUs in China.
  • The tech company has developed the H20 GPU for the Chinese market but faces competition from their own older models and Huawei’s Ascend 910B.
  • Despite some challenges, Nvidia’s H20 GPU is set to launch in the second quarter, targeting Chinese clients for AI tasks.

Nvidia, a major player in the production of powerful computer chips, is facing hurdles while attempting to sell their latest and greatest GPUs, such as the A100 and H100, in China. The US put some rules in place that made it harder for the tech company to send these fancy chips to China.

Introducing The H20 GPU

In order to circumvent the restrictions, Nvidia came up with new GPUs exclusive to Chinese customers. The tech company has launched the A800 and H800 GPUs, but they were also blocked due to tougher US rules last October. Consequently, Nvidia had to devise another plan, leading to the development of the H20 GPU.

The H20 GPU is made specifically for the Chinese market, especially for tasks like training artificial intelligence (AI). It’s priced between $12,000 and $15,000, which is quite expensive. But some people think it’s worth it.

Nvidia is Facing Tough Competition

Even though Nvidia tried hard with the H20, it’s facing some stiff competition, even from its own older models. Also, Huawei, a big Chinese tech company, has its own secret weapon called the Ascend 910B, which is also a powerful chip for AI tasks. But Huawei’s chip is under US trade sanctions too.

Some analysts say that the H20 isn’t as good as Nvidia’s older models like the A800 and A100. But they haven’t finished testing it fully yet.

In terms of price, a server with eight H20 cards costs about $195,800, while a Huawei server with 910B chips sells for about $200,000. So, there’s not much of a difference there.

What’s Next for Nvidia?

Even though some Chinese clients got samples of the H20 to try out, and pre-orders are open, it won’t be widely available until the second quarter of the year. Shipments with the H20 are expected to start in July.

Nvidia’s GPUs are popular all around the world, especially in China where big tech companies are spending a lot of money on them for AI stuff. In fact, in 2023, Nvidia made a record $14.51 billion from selling chips for data centers, which are like big computer hubs.

But it’s hard to say how well the H20 will do in China because it’s not as powerful as Nvidia’s older chips, thanks to the new US rules.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can Nvidia Sell GPUs in China?

Yes, Nvidia can sell GPUs in China, but they faced restrictions due to trade sanctions imposed by the US government, affecting the availability of certain advanced models like the A100 and H100.

Who Competes with Nvidia in China?

Nvidia faces competition in China from its own previous models like the A800 and H800, as well as from Huawei’s Ascend 910B chip, which is a formidable competitor in the AI GPU market.

What is the Best Nvidia GPU For AI?

The Nvidia A100 GPU is often considered one of the best GPUs for AI tasks due to its high computational capabilities and efficiency. However, its availability in China may be limited due to trade restrictions.

Is the Nvidia A100 Banned in China?

The Nvidia A100 GPU, along with other advanced models, faced restrictions in being exported to China due to trade sanctions imposed by the US government. This has affected its availability in the Chinese market.

Why Did China Ban GPUs?

China did not specifically ban GPUs, but trade tensions between the US and China led to restrictions on the export of certain advanced GPUs from companies like Nvidia to China. These restrictions were imposed as part of broader trade disputes between the two countries.

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