Monday, July 15, 2024

Threads by Meta Set to Open API for Developers


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  • Threads, owned by Meta, will open its API for developers by June.
  • The API will let users login, post threads, and access their posts from other apps.
  • Meta’s plans for alternative Threads apps are still unclear.

Threads, a social network owned by Meta, announced today that it plans to let developers use its API more widely by June.

Engineer Jesse Chen shared that they’ve been working on the API for a few months now. Currently, the API allows users to log in, post threads, and get their posts using other apps.

Chen said, “We’ve been working on the Threads API to help creators, developers, and brands manage their Threads presence better. They can easily share new ideas with their communities using their favorite apps.”

The company is already working with some partners, including Sprinklr, Sprout Social, Social News Desk, Hootsuite, and Techmeme, along with a few other developers.

Chen mentioned that they aim to add more features to the API for things like moderating content and gathering insights.

Last October, Instagram’s head Adam Mosseri confirmed that they’re working on an API for third-party experiences. Chen had said then that they would start working on letting people publish content. Although the API has gotten new features since it’s not clear if developers can make different apps for Threads.

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Social networks have become stricter about who can access user data, which has made it harder for developers to make apps for these platforms.

Bluesky and Mastodon are decentralized social networks that let developers make new apps. However, they’re not as big as Twitter, Reddit, Facebook, or Instagram.

Meta has said they’ll use the ActivityPub protocol for Threads and join the fediverse. But they haven’t spoken much about letting developers make other Threads apps.

Threads, owned by Meta, plans to open up its API for developers to use more widely by June. They’ve been working on this API for a while now. It lets users log in, post threads, and access their posts from other apps.

They’re already working with some partners, but they want to add more features to the API. Other social networks have also made it harder for developers to make apps, but decentralized networks like Bluesky and Mastodon offer more opportunities.

Meta hasn’t said much about letting developers make other Threads apps yet.

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Rohit Belakud
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