Monday, July 15, 2024

Character.AI Launches Voice Calling Feature for AI Avatars


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  • Character.AI has introduced voice calling with AI avatars, supporting multiple languages.
  • Users have made over 20 million calls during the feature’s test phase.
  • The new feature aims to improve language skills, mock interviews, and role-playing games.

Character.AI, backed by venture capital firm a16z, has launched an exciting new feature that allows users to interact with AI avatars via voice calls.

This new capability supports multiple languages, including English, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Korean, Japanese, and Chinese.

Revolutionizing Interaction with AI Avatars

Character.AI’s new voice-calling feature offers a seamless way for users to engage with AI characters by simply tapping a button.

This innovative feature, designed to minimize latency, enables users to switch between calling and texting effortlessly. A “Tap to interrupt” option also lets users stop the AI from talking when needed.

A Tested and Trusted Feature

Before its public launch, Character.AI tested the voice calling feature extensively. Over 3 million users participated in the testing phase, making more than 20 million calls.

The company highlighted that this feature can be particularly beneficial for practicing language skills, conducting mock interviews, or even enhancing role-playing games.

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By integrating this feature, Character.AI aims to make interactions with AI characters more dynamic and useful.

Expanding on Character Voices

This development follows Character.AI’s earlier release of Character Voices in March. This feature allowed users to hear AI characters speak during one-on-one chats.

Users can also create their own voices, adding to the app’s library of over 1 million voices.

The introduction of voice calling is a natural progression, enriching the overall user experience by adding another layer of interaction.

Addressing User Concerns

Despite these advancements, some users on Reddit have reported changes in their characters’ personalities.

Character.AI responded to these concerns, explaining that no major changes were made. However, some users might have experienced behavioral differences due to being part of a test group.

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The Competitive Landscape

The announcement of Character.AI’s voice-calling feature comes at a competitive time in the AI chatbot industry. Earlier this week, reports indicated that Google is developing its own customized chatbot platform to rival both Meta and Character.AI.

This indicates a growing interest in personalized AI interactions across major tech companies.

User-Friendly Experience

Character.AI’s new feature is designed to make user interactions with AI characters more engaging and practical.

Whether for language practice, mock interviews, or enhancing gameplay, the ability to make voice calls with AI avatars represents a significant step forward in how users can interact with artificial intelligence.

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Emily Parker
Emily Parker
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