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Windows 11 24H2 Update’s Early Rollout for Snapdragon PCs


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  • Microsoft’s Windows 11 24H2 update is progressing, with a preview version (build 26100) being circulated.
  • The update, expected around September, might debut earlier in mid-2024, starting with AI PCs equipped with Snapdragon X Elite chips.
  • While these initial PCs will run on the new Germanium platform, they won’t feature the full set of new features until the complete update rolls out in September.

Microsoft’s upcoming update for Windows 11 is taking another step forward, according to rumors coming around a new preview update that could be a precursor to the 24H2 release.

Expected to drop around September this year, the 24H2 update might see an early rollout with a twist, possibly as soon as mid-2024.

The latest preview version is built 26100, purportedly the RTM (release to manufacturing) build for 24H2, as predicted by reliable leaker Zac Bowden.

What is RTM?

RTM means it’s essentially a finished product, ready for manufacturers to test before loading it onto their devices.

Some PC makers might have already received or are about to get their hands on this build. All in all, it’s a promising sign that Windows 11 24H2 is moving along according to its speculated schedule.

Microsoft seems to be introducing a new two-tier update process, and the twist lies in the type of devices receiving this initial rollout.

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We’re talking about AI PCs equipped with Snapdragon X Elite chips, which run on ARM architecture, unlike the usual AMD or Intel x86 CPUs.

These Snapdragon chips require the new Germanium platform that Windows 11 24H2 is built on to function properly.

So, Microsoft is rolling out these AI PCs, expected to hit the market in June. However, this initial build won’t include any of the exciting new features touted for the next big upgrade.

It’ll essentially be Windows 11 as we know it, but with the new Germanium platform tailored for ARM-based chips.

But, the fully-fledged 24H2 update, complete with all its new features, is ready to be finalized by July, according to Bowden’s predictions.

After undergoing final testing, the full update will be available to all Windows 11 users in September, including those on Snapdragon X Elite PCs.

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Things seem to be progressing as planned, albeit with a slightly more complex rollout strategy than usual for a Windows feature update.

So, while it’s exciting news for Windows users, the full Windows 11 24H2 update won’t be hitting screens until September 2024, give or take.

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