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Testing Ray Tracing on Regular Computer Chips: Is It Worth It?


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  • Developer Konstantin Seurer is experimenting with making ray tracing work on regular computer chips.
  • Initial tests show that the chip can kinda do it, but it’s super slow, running at only 1 frame per second.
  • While it’s cool to push technology limits, some wonder if it’s worth it since even the best graphics cards struggle with ray tracing.

Ray tracing is a fancy technology in PC gaming that makes graphics look super realistic. But guess what? Someone’s trying to make it work on a regular computer chip!

This developer, Konstantin Seurer, is trying to make it happen by tweaking some computer stuff.

They tested it out on the old game Quake 2. The results? Well, the computer chip could kind of do it, but not really well.

It was only running at 1 frame per second, which is super slow!

The computer chip was working hard too, using up 34% of its power, but the graphics card wasn’t doing anything.

Why Make A Regular Computer Chip Do This Fancy Stuff?

Some people think it’s cool to push technology to its limits and see what happens.

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Also, computers are getting better all the time, so maybe one day they could handle fancy graphics without needing a special graphics card.

But on the other hand, is it worth it? Right now, even the best graphics cards struggle with ray tracing.

They need extra help just to keep the game running smoothly.

So maybe it’s better to leave ray tracing to the fancy graphics cards that are built for it.

But, it’s still interesting to see what people can do with technology. Maybe someone else will figure out how to make ray tracing work on a regular computer chip someday. Who knows?

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Rohit Belakud
Rohit Belakud
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