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New Features Coming to Circle to Search on Google and Samsung Phones


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  • Circle to Search feature on Google & Samsung phones may soon include new screenshot capabilities.
  • Rumored additions include options for copying and sharing selected screen content.
  • Anticipate smoother user experiences with enhanced functionality on the horizon.

In recent news, there’s excitement brewing around the potential enhancements coming to the Circle to Search feature on select Google and Samsung smartphones.

Initially introduced on the Samsung Galaxy S24 and Google Pixel 8 devices, Circle to Search has captured users’ attention with its AI-powered capabilities.

Now, rumor has it that this feature might be getting even better with the addition of new functions, particularly in the realm of screenshot tools.

Reports from reliable sources like @AssembleDebug, as highlighted by PiunikaWeb, suggest that hidden within the code of Circle to Search are snippets teasing upcoming features.

Among these enhancements are options for capturing specific parts of the screen and seamlessly sharing them with others.

The current functionality allows users to select sections of the screen using taps, circles, or scribbles, followed by the ability to refine the selected area and perform searches based on highlighted content.

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What’s potentially on the horizon are new buttons for copying and sharing images, which would streamline the process of capturing and sharing screen content.

This addition could provide users with a quick and convenient way to capture snippets of information, complementing the existing screenshot options available on Android devices.

While there’s no definitive timeline for the rollout of these features, the fact that the leak has already demonstrated the new capabilities, complete with redesigned blue handles, indicates that it might not be too long before users see these updates.

However, as with any software development, there’s always a chance of plans changing or features being delayed.

Circle to Search, along with other AI-driven features, has been gradually making its way to older Pixel and Galaxy phones following their debut on the latest flagship models.

The hardware requirements for running these tools smoothly remain somewhat unclear, but advancements in smartphone technology suggest that more devices could soon benefit from these AI capabilities.

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Looking ahead, it’s anticipated that upcoming devices like the Google Pixel 9 and Samsung Galaxy S25 will bring even more AI tricks to the table.

With advancements in hardware, there’s potential for increased local processing of AI tasks on these devices, paving the way for further innovation in the realm of smartphone technology.

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Emily Parker
Emily Parker
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