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Morgan and Pininfarina Unveil Stunning £200k Midsummer Barchetta


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Morgan and Pininfarina have launched the exclusive Midsummer, a barchetta-bodied, two-seat sports car priced at around £200,000.

This limited-run model, based on the underpinnings of Morgan’s existing Plus Six, showcases the combined 200 years of coachbuilding expertise from both legendary firms.

The Midsummer’s exquisite hand-formed body is a testament to the intricate craftsmanship that defines both Pininfarina and Morgan.

Named after Midsummer Hill in the Malvern Hills, the car celebrates Morgan’s long heritage at their Pickersleigh Road factory, where they have been hand-building cars since 1914.

Production will be limited to just 50 units, all of which have already been snapped up by affluent enthusiasts and loyal patrons of the brand.

Under the hood, the Midsummer is powered by a BMW-supplied 335bhp straight-six engine, identical to the standard Plus Six.

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This grants the Midsummer impressive performance credentials, including a 0-62mph time of 4.2 seconds and a top speed of 166mph. Production of the 50 cars will run through Morgan’s existing Plus model process and is expected to conclude in early 2025.

Morgan CEO Massimo Fumarola highlighted that the Midsummer represents the company’s ambition to produce a series of limited-run specials, a vision first realized with the Morgan CX-T – an “overland adventure” model introduced nearly three years ago.

Emphasizing traditional coachbuilding skills, many future owners have already visited the Malvern Link works to view the prototype. They’ve engaged in one-to-one consultations with designers, including chief design officer Jonathan Wells, who has spearheaded this two-year project, to customize their cars’ equipment, color, and trim specifications.

The Midsummer also features a unique ‘Pininfarina Fuoroserie’ badge, denoting its bespoke design.

While the Midsummer’s relationship with existing Morgan models is clear, almost every surface detail has been reimagined or refined.

One of the most striking changes is the extensive use of beautifully sculpted laminated teak moldings around the cockpit, giving the car a distinctive interior character and a new exterior profile.

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Creating these teak laminates, which can consist of up to 120 layers no more than 0.6mm thick, takes a painstaking 30 hours.

Designed as a cruising sports car rather than a high-performance chaser, the Midsummer features lower, more subtle aero screens instead of Morgan’s traditional flat windscreen.

The fascia and instruments, while reminiscent of Morgan originals, incorporate intricate new details unique to this model.

Externally, the Midsummer is both familiar and refreshingly different. The round headlights are larger and now include both indicators and daytime-running lights, while the bespoke rear lights are simplified yet elegant.

The radiator features an aero-enhancing shroud inspired by past Morgan racing cars, and the long bonnet is adorned with horizontal air extraction louvres redesigned by Pininfarina. The aluminium front wings have been subtly reshaped to accommodate the larger lights and to evolve the overall design.

This collaboration between Morgan and Pininfarina has resulted in a truly stunning vehicle that not only celebrates the heritage of both companies but also pushes the boundaries of modern automotive design and craftsmanship.

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