Monday, May 20, 2024

Intel Unveils Next-Gen Xeon Processors


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  • Intel has introduced Granite Rapids and Sierra Forest, its latest Xeon processors.
  • Rebranded as Xeon 6, aiming for clearer communication and simplified lineup.
  • Both processors promise enhanced performance and efficiency for data centers.

Intel has announced a fresh rebranding for its family of processors. The renowned chipmaker recently announced the arrival of its highly anticipated 288-core Xeon CPU, set to revolutionize the world of AI processing.

Say hello to Granite Rapids and Sierra Forest – the newest additions to Intel’s Xeon lineup. These cutting-edge processors are set to take performance to new heights, catering to the diverse needs of the modern data center landscape.

Previously known as “Xeon Scalable,” Intel has opted for a clearer and more straightforward branding strategy, now labeling its processors under the umbrella term “Xeon 6.”

This new nomenclature encompasses a range of chips, including the efficiency-focused Sierra Forest and the performance-driven Granite Rapids.

Sierra Forest, sporting an all-efficiency core architecture, is primed to turbocharge 5G workloads with its impressive performance boost.

With a staggering 2.7 times increase in rack performance, this chip is a game-changer for AI processing tasks.

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Meanwhile, Granite Rapids, boasting powerful performance cores, promises to further elevate processing capabilities, leveraging Intel’s advanced AVX and vRAN Boost technologies.

What’s particularly noteworthy is that both Sierra Forest and Granite Rapids share the same underlying platform.

From chipset-based design to sockets and firmware, these processors are united under the Xeon 6 banner, streamlining compatibility and easing customer navigation.

Intel’s decision to revamp its branding stems from a desire to simplify its product stack and provide clarity for customers.

By embracing the “evolved” Xeon 6 branding, the company aims to tell a unified story, making it easier for customers to understand the capabilities of each processor variant.

It’s important to note that Intel’s existing “Emerald Rapids” processors will retain their original branding, maintaining continuity within the product lineup.

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With the introduction of the Xeon 6 family, Intel is taking proactive steps to alleviate confusion and forge a clearer path forward for its customers.

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Emily Parker
Emily Parker
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