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Google Home’s Spring 2024 Update: Enhanced Controls for Android and WearOS


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  • The latest Google Home update focuses on providing easier controls for Android and Wear OS.
  • Enhanced Wear OS controls now include new tiles and device shortcuts.
  • The Pixel Tablet now offers a live feed from the Nest doorbell, and the web version has been updated to support 24/7 video playback.

Google has started rolling out the Spring 2024 update for Google Home, bringing new features and easier controls to a variety of devices, including phones, smartwatches, and the Pixel Tablet.

New Features for Android

The update introduces a new Favorites widget for Android, allowing quick access to compatible smart home devices. With a single tap, users can turn off lights or adjust the thermostat.

However, this widget is currently available only through Google Home’s Public Preview. To join, open the Google Home app, navigate to Settings, and select the Public Preview option.

Even if you don’t join the Public Preview, you’ll still benefit from a slight redesign of the Android app.

This update provides more detailed information, such as the battery life of your house sensors.

Additionally, you can now create clips from event videos saved in your Google Home video history. Simply choose a start time and select a clip length from the provided options.

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Enhanced Control with Wear OS

For wearables, the update enhances control methods on devices running Wear OS 3 or newer. New Google Home tiles allow you to manage smart home gadgets with a simple swipe on your smartwatch. Alternatively, you can use new device shortcuts to make adjustments directly.

To use these features, ensure your smartwatch has the latest version of the Google Home app, a working internet connection, and a Google Account.

Improved Functionality for the Pixel Tablet

Originally teased last summer, the Pixel Tablet can now display a live feed from a Nest doorbell, allowing you to see who’s at your front door. You can even talk to visitors using Two-way Talk or Quick Response.

This feature supports the first- and second-generation wired Nest Doorbells, as well as the battery-powered Nest Doorbell. Like the Android widget, this feature is also part of the Public Preview program and requires the tablet to be docked.

Updates for Google Home on the Web

The web version of Google Home is also receiving updates. One of the new features is 24/7 video history playback, allowing you to scroll through your video doorbell’s recordings and catch up on missed moments.

This feature includes simple editing tools to create and download clips for easy sharing. Note that a Nest Aware Plus subscription is required to use this feature.

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Additionally, Public Preview is expanding to Google Home on the web, where you can test upcoming tools like the Script Editor.

Stay Updated

Keep an eye out for the Spring 2024 update as it rolls out. If you’re looking to enhance your smart home setup, check out TechRadar’s list of the best smart home devices for 2024.

By staying informed and updating your devices, you can take full advantage of the latest features and improvements in Google Home.

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