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Apple Allows Retro Game Emulators in App Store with Caveats


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  • Apple users can now download games from retro emulators in the App Store.
  • Developers must ensure that games offered through emulators comply with the law.
  • Music streaming apps in the EU can now link to external sites for purchases.

Apple, the tech giant, has made a significant announcement regarding the iOS App Store. In response to pressure from regulators in the US and the EU, Apple has decided to permit retro game emulators in the App Store.

This is exciting news for gamers who enjoy revisiting classic games from old consoles. However, there are some important conditions attached to this change.

Previously, Apple had strict rules against allowing emulators for retro game consoles on its platform.

Emulators are software programs that mimic the functions of old gaming systems, allowing users to play games from those consoles on modern devices like iPhones and iPads. However, the legality of emulators has always been a bit murky.

Now, according to the updated App Review Guidelines, retro game console emulator apps will be allowed in the App Store.

However, there’s a catch. Developers must ensure that all the software inside their apps complies with the law. This means that developers are responsible for making sure that the games offered through the emulator are legally obtained.

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In simple terms, it’s illegal to play games on an emulator if you haven’t purchased those games legitimately. Only companies like Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo, who own the rights to these games, will likely be able to offer emulator apps in the App Store.

For individual users, it’s important to remember that downloading and playing games on emulators without proper authorization is against the law.

In addition to the changes regarding retro game emulators, Apple has also made adjustments related to mini apps and music streaming services. Apps can now include mini-apps and games within them, as long as they’re written in HTML5.

Popular apps like WeChat, which offer a variety of services within a single app, can now integrate web-based mini-apps.

Music streaming apps now can link out to external websites for purchasing products and services. This change is particularly relevant for users in European Union countries.

Apple recently faced fines from the EU for restricting competition by keeping streaming services locked within its ecosystem and charging a 30% fee on purchases made through its platform.

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These changes are aimed at addressing concerns from regulators and avoiding further fines and legal action against Apple. The company is facing increased scrutiny over its App Store policies and the restrictions it imposes on third-party developers.

Apple’s decision to allow retro game emulators in the App Store is a significant development for gaming enthusiasts. It’s important to understand the limitations and legal implications associated with using these emulators.

The adjustments related to mini apps and music streaming services reflect Apple’s efforts to adapt to regulatory pressures and promote fair competition within its ecosystem.

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Rohit Belakud
Rohit Belakud
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