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Meet Sora: The Future of Video Creation with OpenAI’s Revolutionary Tool


  • OpenAI’s new tool, Sora, creates videos from text commands.
  • It’s being tested and used by artists before a public release.
  • Sora can make realistic videos and follows strict guidelines to ensure responsible use.

OpenAI, the company behind ChatGPT, has introduced a cool new tool called Sora. It’s like magic – you can tell it what you want, and it creates a video for you! Imagine typing “I want to see a monkey playing chess in a park,” and poof! There’s your video, ready to watch.

The CEO of OpenAI, Sam Altman, showed off this amazing tech on social media. When someone jokingly said, “Sam, please don’t make me homeless,” he replied, “I’ll make you a video instead! What do you want to see?” The person asked for a video of a monkey playing chess, and bam! Altman shared a super cool video made by Sora.

But here’s the thing – Sora isn’t available to everyone just yet. Right now, it’s being used for testing and by artists and filmmakers to see how good it is. OpenAI wants to make sure Sora works perfectly before releasing it to the public.

So, how does Sora work? Well, it’s like having a super smart robot friend. You give it a text command, like “Make a video of a cat chasing a ball,” and it does the rest. Sora can even turn a picture into a video! Isn’t that amazing?

OpenAI is proud of Sora. They say it can make videos that look so real, that you’ll think they were filmed with a camera. You can ask Sora to make all sorts of videos, from action-packed adventures to peaceful nature scenes.

The name “Sora” means sky in Japanese, and it’s fitting because Sora lets your imagination soar. With just a few words, you can create a whole world in a video.

But wait, there’s more! OpenAI is also working on making sure Sora follows the rules. They don’t want to make videos that are too violent or mean. So, they’re keeping a close eye on Sora to make sure it behaves.

Other big companies like Google and Meta have tried to make similar AI, but OpenAI is ahead of the game. Sora can make videos that look almost like they were filmed by a real person.

So, while Sora isn’t ready for everyone yet, it’s still super cool to think about what the future holds. Who knows? Maybe one day we’ll all have our own video-making robots!

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

Is Sora AI Available to Use?

Currently, Sora AI by OpenAI is not available for public use. It’s undergoing testing and being used by select individuals and groups for evaluation and development purposes.

Is OpenAI Sora Available for Developers?

Sora is in the testing phase and only accessible to some specific users for feedback and improvement.

How Can I Access OpenAI Sora?

At present, access to OpenAI Sora is limited to researchers and content curators chosen by OpenAI for testing purposes. There’s no public access available yet.

How Does OpenAI Sora Work?

OpenAI Sora works by taking text prompts as input and generating corresponding video content. It utilizes advanced artificial intelligence algorithms to understand and interpret the commands, then generates videos accordingly.

Is Sora Risk-Free?

While OpenAI is working to ensure the responsible use of Sora, like any AI technology, there may be potential risks associated with its use. It’s important to follow guidelines and best practices provided by OpenAI to mitigate any potential risks.

How Much Will Sora Cost?

As of now, pricing information for Sora by OpenAI has not been disclosed. Since it’s not publicly available, there are no details regarding costs or subscription plans.

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Rohit Belakud
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