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Touchscreen MacBooks Could Arrive in the Next Few Years, But Not Before Major iPad Changes


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  • Touchscreen MacBooks could arrive in a few years, according to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman.
  • Apple plans major updates to iPads to distinguish them from MacBooks.
  • macOS will need a significant update to support touchscreen functionality.

Apple has recently wowed fans with its updated MacBook lineup, including the impressive M3 MacBook Air. Despite these advancements, one highly anticipated feature remains missing: a touchscreen.

The question of whether MacBooks will ever have touchscreens is one of the most talked-about topics among Apple enthusiasts. While competitors like Lenovo and Samsung lead the market with their touchscreen laptops, Apple has yet to join the trend.

One reason for this delay could be the potential impact on iPad sales. The latest iPad Pro models are designed to offer a MacBook-like experience, without actually being a MacBook. Introducing a touchscreen MacBook might reduce the appeal of the iPad, which Apple likely wants to avoid.

According to Mark Gurman from Bloomberg, a reliable source for Apple news, the company plans to add OLED and touchscreen support to Macs in the coming years. However, Apple seems more focused on distinguishing its tablets and computers from each other rather than merging their functionalities.

Gurman’s insights are usually accurate, but nothing is certain until Apple officially announces it.

Nevertheless, his reasoning makes sense. For Apple to introduce touchscreen capabilities to MacBooks, they would need to significantly update their iPads to maintain a clear distinction between the two product lines. Even with a touchscreen MacBook, consumers would still need reasons to buy iPads, such as their portability.

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Moreover, adding touchscreens to MacBooks would require a significant update to macOS. This could mean exciting changes for fans of the Mac operating system.

MacOS would need a major overhaul to support touch functionality, potentially altering how users interact with their devices.

Exciting changes are already on the horizon for macOS. At Apple’s upcoming WWDC 2024, the operating system is expected to get a facelift with new AI-powered features.

These updates might include adjustments to mouse and keyboard support, paving the way for foldable MacBooks, which would necessitate touchscreen capabilities.

The idea of a touchscreen MacBook is indeed thrilling. Gurman’s comments add credibility to a long-standing rumor, suggesting that Apple might finally be moving in this direction. However, this development raises questions about the future of iPads.

They might become more entertainment and creativity-focused, especially if touchscreen MacBooks become a reality. The iPad Pro models might continue to cater to professional users, but other iPads could evolve to meet different needs.

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While we may have to wait a while for a touchscreen MacBook, the prospect is exciting. For now, all we can do is speculate and hope for the best. The tech community eagerly awaits Apple’s next move, especially with WWDC 2024 just around the corner.

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