Monday, July 15, 2024

Google Chrome’s Secret Weapon Against Sneaky Websites!


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  • Google Chrome is upgrading to protect devices on private networks.
  • The new feature checks whether website requests to access your network are secure.
  • It’s like a bouncer for your home network, keeping out malicious sites.
  • Expected in future Chrome updates, it’s currently in testing with developers.

Google Chrome is getting a cool new upgrade to keep your devices safe when connected to your home Wi-Fi. Google recently talked about this on their Chrome Platform Status page. Google wants to make sure that when websites try to talk to your private network, they’re doing it safely.

Well, it’s called ‘Private network access checks for navigation requests’. It’s basically like a guard at the door of your home network, checking IDs before letting anyone in. Google’s idea is to stop malicious websites from getting into your home network and causing trouble. They explained it like this: they don’t want hackers using your browser to attack stuff on your home network, like your smart fridge or your game console.

Right now, Google is helping web developers to make sure their sites are safe to talk to your private network. It’s still early days for this feature, so it hasn’t been put into Chrome yet.

But it’s expected to come out in a future update, maybe Chrome 123 or 124. Right now, only developers are testing it out with Google. So, if you’re just using Chrome like normal, you won’t see this feature yet.

So, Why is Google Doing This?

Well, they want to make browsing safer for everyone. They know there are sneaky websites out there trying to cause trouble, so they’re building this feature to stop them in their tracks.

Plus, with more and more devices connected to our home networks, like smart TVs and thermostats, it’s important to keep them safe too.

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This new Chrome feature sounds pretty cool. It’s like having a security guard for your home network, making sure only the good guys get in.

With Google’s help, web developers can make sure their sites are part of the good guys too. So, next time you’re browsing the web on Chrome, you can feel a little safer knowing Google’s got your back.

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Rohit Belakud
Rohit Belakud
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