Monday, June 24, 2024

Spotify’s HiFi Audio Feature Could Be a $5 Add-On to the Premium Plan


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  • Spotify HiFi might be a $5 add-on to the Premium Plan.
  • The Premium Plan price in the US has increased to $11.99.
  • New AI-powered playlist features are expected to be included.

Spotify fans have been eagerly awaiting the release of the HiFi feature, which promises lossless audio support.

Initially, it was speculated that HiFi would be part of a new Music Pro feature. Later, a leak suggested it would come as a separate subscription plan.

However, new information reveals that Spotify might offer HiFi as an add-on to its existing Premium Plan instead of introducing it as a standalone tier.

According to an anonymous source who spoke with Bloomberg, Spotify plans to charge users an extra $5 per month for access to lossless audio.

This news comes shortly after Spotify announced a price increase for its Premium Plan in the United States, raising the cost to $11.99 per month. If the source is accurate, subscribers will need to pay $16.99 monthly to enjoy high-resolution audio on a single plan.

This is surprising to some, as previous code discoveries in September 2023 hinted that Spotify would charge $20 for a new HiFi tier.

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The anonymous source did not explain why Spotify might prefer the add-on model over a standalone tier.

However, 9To5Google speculates that this could be a strategy to introduce HiFi audio without the hefty $20 price tag. Despite the price increases seen in recent months, this approach might make HiFi more accessible to users.

In addition to the HiFi feature, Bloomberg’s source mentioned that Spotify plans to roll out new tools for creating playlists, powered by AI.

One of these tools will allow users to generate custom playlists for specific activities, dates, and times of the year instantly. Another feature will enable the app to learn users’ listening habits and create song collections without direct prompting.

Although there are hints of improved song library management, Bloomberg did not provide specific details.

There is no confirmed date for when Spotify HiFi will launch in the United States, but with several leaks surfacing in 2024, an official announcement could be imminent.

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The international availability and pricing of the HiFi add-on are also uncertain. If the add-on model is adopted, the Premium Plan with HiFi might cost £15.99 in the UK and AU$17.99 in Australia, assuming no additional price hikes outside the US.

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