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Samsung Implements Six-Day Work Week for Executives Amid Business Challenges


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  • Samsung has enforced a six-day workweek for top executives in response to disappointing financial results.
  • The decision aims to inject urgency and foster efforts to overcome challenges, particularly in the competitive chip market.
  • Despite recent setbacks, Samsung maintains resilience, but strategic measures are necessary to navigate future uncertainties.

Samsung, one of the tech giants, has announced a significant change in its work policy. The company is now requiring its top executives to work six days a week, marking a shift to what they call “emergency mode.”

This decision comes amidst ongoing challenges faced by the company in its various divisions.

In a recent report by The Korea Economic Daily, it was revealed that Samsung’s financial performance in 2023 fell below expectations.

The company recorded a decline in revenue, with the final quarter showing a decrease of 3.8% compared to the previous year.

Additionally, the operating profit plummeted by a staggering 34.6%, resulting in a significant deficit for the year.

A Samsung executive explained that the introduction of the six-day work week for executives aims to instill a sense of urgency and encourage all-out efforts to overcome the challenges faced by the company.

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This move reflects Samsung’s determination to address the competitive landscape, particularly in the chip market where it faces tough competition from rivals like SK Hynix, Intel, and AMD.

Despite these challenges, Samsung managed to surpass Apple in the latest quarterly smartphone shipment figures, securing a 20.8% global market share.

However, the company recognizes the need for strategic measures to maintain its position in the market.

The new policy will affect executives from various Samsung businesses, including Samsung Electronics, Samsung SDI, and Samsung SD.

These executives will now be required to work an extra day each week, bringing their work week to six days. However, employees below the executive level will continue with their regular five-day work routines.

Samsung’s resilience has been evident, with the company only laying off 30 workers in March 2023, compared to thousands by some of its competitors.

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However, the current outlook suggests that Samsung may face further challenges ahead if proactive measures are not taken.

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