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Meta Shocks Businesses with Facebook Groups API Shutdown: Is Your Social Media Strategy at Risk?


  • Meta’s decision to shut down the Facebook Groups API is causing worries for businesses and developers.
  • This move affects revenue streams, leads to business closures, and raises concerns about Meta’s communication.
  • Developers and businesses are left in the dark about the future of posting on Groups.

Meta recently made a surprising announcement that they’re going to shut down their Facebook Groups API. This has left a lot of businesses and social media marketers feeling confused and worried.

On January 23, Meta released their Facebook Graph API v19.0 and shared that they would be getting rid of the existing Facebook Groups API within 90 days. This API is used by developers and businesses to plan posts for Facebook Groups. Meta also mentioned that they would remove all the Permissions and Reviewable Features linked with the API.

Meta explained that one major use of the API was for developers to privately respond in Facebook Groups. For example, if a small business wanted to send a message to someone who posted in their Facebook Group, they could do it through the API. But Meta said they have another solution in the new v19.0 API that will handle this, so they’re shutting down the old one.

This change is causing problems for businesses that rely on tools to schedule and automate their social media posts. For instance, Adam Peterson, who runs VipeCloud, a company offering tools for scheduling social media posts, says about 8% of his revenue comes from the Groups API. His customers, mostly female entrepreneurs, use his tools to post publicly to their Facebook Pages and privately to Groups for team communication.

Peterson says all his customers are worried about this change. Other businesses, especially those offering specialized services, will also suffer. For example, PostMyParty, which helps people schedule online parties, will be forced to close down due to the API shutdown.

This isn’t the first time Meta has done something like this. They abruptly ended their Events API a few years ago, causing chaos for businesses relying on it.

The reason behind Meta’s decision isn’t clear. Some developers think it might be because Facebook Groups don’t generate ad revenue, so Meta doesn’t see a need to support the API. But Meta hasn’t confirmed this.

Maurice W. Evans, a Meta Certified Community Manager, believes this change will be tough for small businesses and developers but could also lead to new opportunities. He says it shows Meta’s shift in how they operate.

Archer Web Design, a website design firm, called the news devastating and said it will take businesses and social media marketers back to the stone age.

Developers are also frustrated with Meta’s lack of communication. They’re unsure how posting on Groups will work after the API shutdown, as Meta hasn’t provided clear information. Meta’s recent shutdown of their developer bug portal adds to developers’ concerns.

Facebook hasn’t responded to developers’ comments on their forums yet, leaving everyone in the dark.

Rohit Belakud
Rohit Belakud
Rohit Belakud is an experienced tech professional, boasting 7 years of experience in the field of computer science, web design, content creation, and affiliate marketing. His proficiency extends to PPC, Google Adsense and SEO, ensuring his clients achieve maximum visibility and profitability online. Renowned as a trusted and highly rated expert, Rohit's reputation precedes him as a reliable professional delivering top-notch results. Beyond his professional pursuits, Rohit channels his creativity as an author, showcasing his passion for storytelling and engaging content creation. With a blend of skill, dedication, and a flair for innovation, Rohit Belakud stands as a beacon of excellence in the digital landscape.

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